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I mentioned that I re-activated Wordfence a couple of days ago. Even though someone else experienced a problem with this plugin, after I’d backed up the other day I decided I needed a bit more security.

I can report that it’s definitely working! I received an alert today that someone had been locked out from signing in. It gave me the IP address of the unknown person. Does anyone know what you can / need to do with that (if anything)?

In an odd sort of way I’m kind of flattered – that my little newbie blog has drawn enough attention that someone wants to hack into it!   Although I know the attempt was probably automated and not personal , it also made me decide I need to ajust the settings to be even more secure. So if you’ve been ‘sitting on the fence’ about making your site secure, perhaps this might help as a bit of reminder to get it sorted.

The other thing is your should really make your user name for WordPress obscure and not obvious  – make it quite long and use a mixture of letters, numbers and symbols. The person who tried to hack into my WordPress tried the rather obvious ‘Alayna’ as the user name.



3 thoughts on “Is Your Website Secure?

    1. Hello Ryan
      Thanks for dropping by. I think that Wordfence works well – the only thing is that makes my stomach lurch is when I get an email that says – ‘ALERT – there’s a problem’ and it turns out all that is needed is an update on a plugin. All the best
      Alayna recently posted…Unique Internet Marketing EventMy Profile

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