Your First Website


When I first decided to I wanted to have an online business I had no idea where to start and it was a mysterious and scary thought.


I believed that you had to find so me sort of IT specialist website designer and pay them mega-bucks to create a website. The few people I knew who had their own website seemed to go through weeks of consultation and waiting while their precious site was being built in a strange and unknown digitari language.  If you want something real fancy then I guess in a way that’s still true – but you can also do it yourself.


The purpose of this series which I’ve broken down into edible chunks is to help you start on the path to getting your own blog, website or e-zine up and running.
I can tell you that when you see your very own website –  online and it’s all yours and all your own hard work , it is so exciting and will give you a real warm buzz.
This is work in progress which I’ll be adding to as my journey continues and don’t forget you can sign up at the bottom of the page to keep up to date.


Starting Out: Part 1

Starting Out: Part 2

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