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Tickets are on sale for Dean Holland’s ‘Automated Income Seminar’

You too can join millionaire Internet Marketing expert Dean Holland and learn the secrets of how he makes money online.


“In just 48 hours, you’ll discover the most valuable, automated money-making systems, tools and strategies that will transform your internet business forever”

 This amazing 2 day event on is on June 28-29, 2014 in Manchester, England, UK.

Special early bird ticket price of only $97 click here (only a few left)

Ticket Price will rise to $497 (Only 100 seats in total)


Who is Dean Holland?

Dean Holland is the man behind the iPro Partnership Programme, and the Quick Start Challenge. The programmes I have written about on this blog.

Dean is a highly successful internet marketer -but it wasn’t always so – in his first 4 years of learning how to break into the world of internet marketing Dean made nothing, zero, zilch and in fact got into enormous debt in pursuit of his dreams.

All changed when he attended a live event and met a marketer who became his mentor. What followed was that Dean rapidly began succeeding in his internet marketing endeavours. He is now an extremely successful internet entrepreneur and you have the opportunity to meet him in person and find out how he did it.

Knowing Dean’s style you will need to arm yourself with notepads, pens or an ipad and be prepared to work intensely for these 2 days alongside Dean. Don’t expect it to be a 2 days sales pitch – because it won’t be.

To go or not to go – that is the question

I was really torn over this one and unfortunately had to make the logical decision not to go. My work is freelance and the nature of it is that I am busy when many others are not – evenings, weekends and peak holiday times. My plan is to be in UK later in the year and I just can’t do to trips.

I really wish I was going as with being involved in other coaching from Dean I know you will get immense value from this.

This is only the second time Dean Holland has run such a seminar and if you check out the video you’ll see what some of those who attended the first seminar in 2011 had to say about it.

However, you need to decide quickly if you are wavering about whether to go or not, as limited tickets are available for this rare event.

Click here to find out more.

What will you learn?

Dean’s Ultimate Internet Business Model Consisting of 6 Components with mysterious names such as…..
  • The‘2 Phase Lead Box’
  • The ‘Value Trip’
  • The ‘Irresistible Stack’
  • The ‘Automated Cash Machine’
  • The ‘Wishing Well’
  • ? and a sixth secret component to be revealed at the live event
PLUS much more to put you on the road to earning an excellent income from internet marketing


Click here to find out more.
Date: June 28th & 29th 2014
Venue: Manchester Conference Centre Manchester, M1 3BB, UK


Here’s the link again for information and tickets




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  1. Thanks for the post Alayna. It’s interesting. Will have to give it a miss though. Look forward to future events. Thanks again. To your Abundance!

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