Treasure Each Day

I finished a short work contract yesterday and then got home about 10.30 pm after also teaching an evening class. Aha, I thought, tomorrow I can listen to the last hour of Quick Start Challenge Seminar 2 and start on implementing this weeks ‘to do’s’.

I checked my email before going to bed and got the sad news that my dear friend I have known for 25 years, and who is like a sister to me, has now only a couple of days before her year long battle with brain cancer ends. I want to be there to hug her and hold her hand, but I am here in HK, half a world away. I spent the next hour or so searching my disorganised hard drive for photos we took 18 months ago, planting an olive tree on my property and sent these pictures of happier times to her husband.  I have just phoned to them, words are inadequate and tears blur my vision as I try to type this,  but I know my friend is at home with her family, not in pain and surrounded by love. At the end of a journey that is as much as one could wish.

One never knows what the future holds and we should make the most of and treasure each day.

2 thoughts on “Treasure Each Day

  1. Sad to hear about your friend. My deepest sympathies.
    At my age I’ve come realize how precious life is and make the most of each and everyday.

    To appreciate life even more I make a list of 5 things I’m grateful for first thing in the morning. It may be something as simple as seeing the sunrise or something emotional as the love ,warm hugs and kisses from my children

    Stay strong and enjoy life

    1. Thank you. We never know what just around the corner for us all. What an excellent way to appreciate each day. Thanks for sharing. Alayna

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