Starting Out: Part 2

Installing WordPress

So now you have your very own website on the internet. You  type your domain name in  address bar and what do you see? A rather boring looking Index of / .cgi-bin/

WordPress needs to be installed to each domain name. It does not install automatically when you buy a domain name. WordPress is the most easy to use website and blog creation tool and content management system (or CMS) available….and it’s free. In other words WordPress is the framework of your website; it helps you create and manage your website.

How to get to cpanel

To install WordPress you need to login to your cpanel (control panel). Your cpanel is the ‘behind the scenes office’ of your domain name.

In your address bar type in your domainname/cpanel and click enter.e.g.

An authentication required window will pop up requiring your user and password. Don’t panic! The user name is the hosting name and password provided when you set up your hosting (remember you saved this in your ‘Important Stuff Document’). Just copy and paste it in. This takes you to the cpanel of your domian.

Using cpanel

You’ll see lots of icons. Scroll down to the Software/Services part and look for an icon which is a BLUE smiley face :-) called Fantastico.  Left click on this to get the Fanastico page. On the left hand side is a link for WordPress. Click on New Installation.

Page 1 of 3

There are 2 boxes.

Install on domain: Type in your domain name.

Install in directory: leave this blank.

Admin Access Data: User Name and Password. You need to CREATE this. Whenever you login to WordPress in future (and you’ll be doing lots of this) this is the User and Password you need. This is different from the hosting user and password your hosting company provided you with. EVERY TIME you log in the WordPress Site you NEED this USER and PASSWORD. Create something difficult so it won’t be easily hacked. Then put this information in your Important Stuff Document. DON”T LOSE IT.

Base Configuration: Fill in this information- it can be changed at any time. and click Install WordPress.

Page 2 of 3

This confirms that you want to install WordPress

Page 3 of 3

This basically confirms that WordPress has been installed, but it’s not obvious. It says something like Please Notice: WordPress does not offer any kind of support and you need Administrator User and Password to enter the administration area etc. (So DON”T lose your user and password info).

You can add an email on this page.

For each domain name you may buy you need a different user name and password.

Logging in to WordPress

If this is your very first website this is the exciting part!

NOW when you type your domain name into the address bar you get a basic online website – default theme – but it’s just like MAGIC!

To get to your WordPress dashboard and start ‘customising your website you need to log in the WordPress.

In the address bar type in: (or .net / .info) WordPress will pop up asking for your User and Password (remember you created those and put it in your Important Stuff Document. Once you’ve logged in you may get a message to upgrade/update. Always update.

So now you have your very own real live website on the internet – Well Done You!

That’s all for now. In the next part I’ll write about Week 2 of the Quick Start Challenge and what I learned about making videos as well as putting as installing a WordPress theme.

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