The Power of Solo Ads

I Purchase A Solo Ad

In the last few weeks I’ve learned about solo ads and how they can be a powerful marketing tool targeting your specific niche if used wisely. 


For those of you who are wondering what a solo ad is – well 2 weeks ago I didn’t know either. Basically a solo ad is a form of paid traffic and it’s when you pay a provider to send out an email advertisement, freebie offer or sales page on your behalf to a specific number of people. You pay for the number of people or ‘clicks’ it gets sent to.

I’ve never purchased a solo ad before and looking through all the Solo Ads Pages of various providers and testimonials just made my head spin. 
Who to choose?

A Business Transaction

Booking or purchasing a solo ad is a business transaction and you need to treat is as such.
In order to get a return on your investment there are all sorts of things to consider when choosing a solo ad provider.
You need to ask questions and check facts.  
  • Contact the solo ad provider and introduce yourself – if you get no response then move on. You need to make sure the vendor is not a scammer or ‘fly by nighter’.
  • What countries does the list cover? Tier 1 countries such as USA, Canada, UK, and Australia, are usually more expensive but you are more likely to get a good response from Tier 1 countries.
  • How did the vendor built up their list?
  • Is your product suitable for their list? For example is your product is in the health market you don’t want it sent to people who have shown an interest in relationships
  • Do you or could you provide your own headline and swipe copy? Some vendors will only use their own copy
  • Send them the link to your product and ask if they have mailed out the same offer previously and if so, when.
  • When could your clicks be sent?
  • Is there any ‘first time’ discount?
  • Are all clicks tracked and confirmed? Do you get a ‘tracking report’?
  • And finally, stick to your budget. When you’ve been working really hard to get traffic to your website and suddenly see a surge in opt-ins it would be easy to get carried away  and order a lot more – but you need to make sure you are covering your expenses and making a profit. In other words what percentage of all these clicks are eventually converting to sales.

My Choice

I looked at several solo ad vendors and narrowed down the list of those I thought I’d like to work with. One was so booked up she had no free slots in the foreseeable future. Another didn’t reply to my first enquiry.  I decided to purchase for my first try from someone I already knew of, who sold clicks. We corresponded by email and when I decided what I wanted, we made the transaction.

That was a couple of days ago and right now I’m waiting for the event to begin. I guess it’s a bit like the first day in a new job, nervous anticipation and excitement. My first solo ad is underway and I’m expecting to see some results over the next few days.

I’ll let you know.

waitng 2

15 thoughts on “The Power of Solo Ads

    1. Thanks Scott
      Hey it’s working! It still takes me forever to do stuff but I’m learning :-) Thank you for your support and encouragement.

  1. Thanks Alayna. I have also recently come across with solo ad and I must say if we select the right solo ad vendor, we can get a quality traffic and conversion in no time. There is a famous saying “money loves speed” and I think it really fits on solo ad traffic. Keep it up.

    1. Hello Muhammad,
      Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog. I also think we need to carefully consider our budget when purchasing the solo ads and make sure we are getting a R.O.I. or at least breaking even and not losing money. I guess I’m a bit cautious by nature and I probably wouldn’t purchase a large number of clicks to start with. All the best.
      Alayna recently posted…My Very First SaleMy Profile

    1. Hello Josh
      Do you mean how many will open their email or how many will optin? If it’s open their email isn’t that the same as ‘guaranteed unique clicks?’ I guess you just have to do your homework and ask if the vendor has a responsive list. Alayna

  2. Hey Alayna,
    I’m about to jump into the solo ad realm by buying my first this week. I did buy Rob Stafford’s solo ad wso that gives his top 10 picks of solo ad providers. I will probably start there.

    Another question that I would have to is are there any buyers on their list?

    Good luck and can’t wait to hear your results.

    LeslieZ recently posted…SEO Sucks! But I’m Good With ThatMy Profile

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