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It’s a gloomy day today in Hong Kong, it’s overcast, dull  and grey. At least it’s stopped raining. It’s been raining every day for the last week with squally thunderstorms all in 100% humidity which is not much fun. However there’s yacht race on the harbour and I have been watching that out my window while I wait for inspiration for this post.  I actually have plenty to share, just wondering what order to put it in.

Adding Legal Pages

Again I’ve learned a lot this week. and working in reverse order, today I dealt with getting the legal pages on my blog which you can now access from the navigation bar and learning how to make menus – haven’t quite got that sorted, but I have the basic idea and at least my navigation bar looks more logical now. I used a plugin called ‘Instapages’ to add the legal pages; it was one of those shiny objects I bought a while ago because I was sure it would be useful sometime. It auto-added the pages as soon as I clicked ‘activate plugin’. There was a couple of hiccups though. It was supposed to add the pages in the footer and there they were all spread out along the navigation bar  like birds sitting on a fence – not a good look at all!

Then I also realised that the Anti-Spam Policy was still reclining in my ‘pages’ as a draft and hadn’t been published along with the Amazon Affiliate Disclaimer one (which I don’t need on this site right now but may add later). I was about to go to the support page when I saw that two people had previously had the exact same issues and the nice people at WP Support had made a video about it. I opened a new window and followed along with the video to fix the problems. I felt quite proud of myself when I’d accomplished it. A baby step I know, but for someone who learns this stuff slowly it was a real acheivement :-) I didn’t get them in the footer afterall, because my theme only support one menu and not a footer (unless I’d put them in a widget in my footer which is actually called the main sidebar in my theme.)

Navigation Bar and Menus

I’d been wondering how to get the things I wanted to appear in the navigation bar to actually appear and the WP support video actually led the way here. I hadn’t tackled the menus because I didn’t know what function they played and didn’t know what to put in a menu. It didn’t occur to me that was where you got the navigation bar sorted.  I’m starting to realise that there are quite a few different terms for the same thing, and while those more used to finding their way around WordPress have probably forgotten what it was like when they started,  these little things can easily trip up someone new to working on their blog. We often know what we want to do but don’t know how to get there.

I went to Appearance, Menus, then Pages to see all the different pages I could choose for the menu. I made a ‘pull down’ menu by just moving the items I wanted to be sub-items  e.g. the different legal pages, slightly to the right underneath the main item.  This solved my problem of not having a proper footer space, as I didn’t have that option under my location tab and it also gave the navigation bar a clearer appearance.  For the menu setting I just clicked on navigation bar – and remembered to save. I should have said prior to doing this I needed to create a new page which just listed my different legal pages and made a link to them. (This then formed the main page/item to list the sub-items under). I then made another new page for ‘Your First Website’ and repeated what I’d just done to create another drop down menu for this with my Starting Out: Parts 1 & 2 and Internet Lingo. I’m not a fan of acronyms and there’s an awful lot of them in the online world.

More Plugins

I also reactivated Wordfence for security and added another fun little plugin called Covert Messenger which you’ll get to see later.

I was going to start writing about joining iPro here but I think that deserves a post of its own.  Well, I’m off to make a coffee now and stretch my legs after sitting at the computer for about 5 hours.

I told you I was slow…….. Just think of the story ‘The Hare and the Tortoise.’

imgres hare-and-tortoise-marketing-chart-social-media

6 thoughts on “Legal Pages and Menus

  1. You are moving and improving so nicely. I really like how you are not afraid to share those times when you are challenged.

    Menus and categories can be a real challenge. And although I accept the concept of a silo structure, I’m not certain it is necessary to have it in place when you first start the blog.

    Great analogy with the tortise and hare. I can envision circumstances where I would be a mix of the two.

  2. Thanks Dawn,
    I really appreciate you dropping by. I’m not sure what you mean by ‘silo structure’ (another term I have to learn). I feel that I’ve learned so much over the past few weeks. I was really made aware of it when talking to a friend who had a website made for her business about a year ago. I kept having to stop and explain what I was talknig about – amazing! and me just a newbie! I didn’t know that the Hare & Tortoise could be related to marketing until I went looking for an image I was just thinking of the story and that I plod along, but get there eventually :-)

  3. Believer me or not, after a month long when I started a blog, it is just today that I have created privacy policy for my blog. Not just that I wanted it to but I had to use it to create a Facebook App and that is one of the requirement so I had to do it.

    I still have to create the disclaimer and terms & conditions page.
    Keyur Amin recently posted…How To Schedule Your Posts in WordPress?My Profile

    1. Hi Keyur,
      I thought I’d better get the legal pages done, seeing as it’s a requirement. I still have to create a ‘contact me’ page, but have to sort out an appropriate email address first.
      Alayna recently posted…Is Your Website Secure?My Profile

  4. i like the Comparison between the hare and the tortoise.

    Try using more picture in all your blog posts and creating 3 to maximum 5 lines per paragraph, this keeps your reader more engaged as it creates an easier read.

    You Twitter page is not connected so could not tweet.

    P.S. I like the social plugin you have flying across everywhere

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