Internet Lingo For Newbies


Word /Phrase /Acronym
Further Information
Address bar The bar at the top of the webpage where you type the URL
Affiliate Affiliates aim to drive targeted traffic to a website, company of marketing programme that promotes products and /or services provided by a merchant in return for a commission
Autoresponder /answerbot/mailbot The autoresponder sends pre-created messages to people who request information An automatic email response system essential for internet business.
Aweber An autoresponder
avatar A digital character or icon that represents you, who you are and where you are in the virtual world This word comes from the Hindu philosophy where an avatar refers to the incarnation of a higher being (deva) and NOT the movie of the same name
banner Picture advertisement placed on a website
Blogs Part website part journal which has posted items such as articles, photos, diary entries. It’s common for blogs to be available as RSS feeds. Short for web blog
Blogger /blogging A person who blogs/ the author and continues this writing and posting activity over time
Blog post/post An entry on a blog
Blogosphere All information available on blogs
.com The domain Helps identify which computer houses the pages
Confirmation page Also called thank you page/success page
Confirmation email The first email a prospect receives from you
content All the stuff on your blog such as text entries, photos, videos
cpanel Control panel  – the ‘behind the scenes office’ of your domain name One of the most popular hosting management tools
CSS Cascading Style Sheets – a web publishing standard Used to make the pages look pretty (see HTML)
customer When a person has purchased they become a customer (from a prospect)
dashboard The administrative area where you manipulate your blog
Domain name A website’s main address This domain is
Download page
Download To copy something from a source e.g. something found on the web and saving it. The opposite of upload.
Email subscription When someone signs up to receive your entries by email whenever you post
forum A place on the internet where people come together to find information and discuss topic
Google analytics
Hosting Companies Hosting refers to ‘web site hosting’ which provides the equipment and services to display websites, maintain files and provide fast Internet connections. There are thousands of hosting companies. Shared hosting – The most cost-effective hosting option is typically one in which you share space with other businesses on a server owned and managed by a hosting company. It is typically quite suitable for the majority of small- and medium-sized businesses.
HTML Hypertext Markup Language While the word hypertext might sound a bitlike outer space talk, it actually refers to the factthat the content is linked to something else
HTML & CSS two key web publishing standards HTML focuses on how to structure thecontent on the page- it creates the framework, whereas CSS adds the style
HTTPHTTPS hypertext transfer protocol. These are the same, except the ‘s’ at the end indicates there is a secure connection in place. The first part of the URL tells the browser which interface should be used to access the address. The most commonly used schemes for viewing web pages are HTTP and HTTPS.
Hyperlinks /links Often blue and underlined these links take you to to other pages on the web if you ‘click’ on them
Index of/    .cgi-bin/ This is what you see if you enter www.yourdomainname  in the address bar.After setting up your hosting account and adding the name servers  and before you add anything
IP address Internet Protocol number or address – A domain name is translated in huge tables standardized across the Internet into a numeric IP address unique the host computer When you ask the browser to find an URL, the browser must consult the table on the domain name server that particular computer is networked to
 ICANN The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers ICANN manages the central database of domains, making sure all addresses are unique and identifiable.
jpeg Joint photographic experts group A format for image files
Landing page/Squeeze page The first page a person sees when they come to your website (from an advertisement) It can be any page on your website including your home page
login Account name to gain access to a computer system /the act of connecting to a computer system  usually with your ‘user name’ and ‘password’ Used as a noun or verb
Meta tag A specific kind of html tag that contains information not normally displayed to the user. Typical uses are to include information for search engines to help them better categorize a page. (“meta” means “about this subject”)
newbie Someone who is new to the Internet or new to computers in general. Remember, everybody on the Internet was a newbie once
Opt-in form Where a person ‘registers’ with their name and email to request information and be added to your list
Opt-in message
PDF/.pdf/pdf file Portable document format.  A file format used to capture a document in its original format. Viewing require Adobe Reader which can be  downloaded free from Adobe
permalink A “permanent link” to a particular posting in a blog. A permalink is a URI that points to a specific blog posting, rather than to the page in which the posting original occurred
plugin A piece of software which can  added to a website that adds features to a larger piece of software
Post /blog post Can be used as noun or verb – An entry on a blog/to put an entry on a blog or other social media e.g. Facebook
prospect A person who has signed up to your list but has not yet purchased anything
qwerty An acronym that refers to a standard keyboard – identified by the first 6 letters in the upper row Pronounced ‘kwer-tee’
RSS Feed Rich Site Summary /RDF Site Summary / Real Simple Syndication Feed –  Similar to an email subscription
SEO Search Engine Optimisation  – Making your text optimal for the attention of search engines like Google, which helps you get traffic and ranking
Social media A type of online media where information is uploaded mostly by users e.g. blogs and forums
Social Networking A type of social media where users can interact e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Flickr
Squeeze page/Landing page The first page a person sees when they come to your website (from an advertisement) It can be any page on your website including your home page
targeting Making internet marketing campaigns to specific groups of people e.g. dog owners, parents of young children etc.
Theme How your website will look
upload To transfer e.g. a file from the computer you are using to another site/computer. The opposite of download.
URI Uniform resource indicator e.g. http
URL Uniform resource locator – When linking to web pages, we need to know the address of the page being linked. The official terminology for this address is URL. URLs start with http:// and usually end with something like .com or .org .info .net etc.
virus A chunk of programming code that makes copies of itself, they may also delete software or files
www /web World Wide Web – Hypertext servers (http servers) commonly called web servers which are the servers that serve web pages to web browsers
Web browser The programme you use to access the internet e.g. Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple’s Safari
web page is used to describe the content shown after a file has loaded to your website Even though they’re not strictly accurate, the terms ‘page’ and ‘file’ are typically used synonymously in reference to websites.
website A website can be made up of 3 pages: a squeeze page, a thank you page and a download page
widget The items on the side of your blog like calendar, archive, or anything in the side columns.
WordPress This is the ‘framework’ of your website. WordPress needs to be installed to each domain name. It is not installed automatically when you buy a domain name A popular content management system
XHTML A variant of HTML.Stands for Extensible Hypertext Markup Language is a hybrid between HTML and XML that is more universally acceptable in Web pages and search engines than XML. You probably don’t need to know this but just in case you wanted one for ‘X’

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