Five Internet Marketing Tips

5 Internet Marketing Tips

Magic Money Buttons


Many people get into internet marketing thinking that there is one magical internet marketing tip or secret that will make them a million dollars overnight. All they need is a success push button that requires little or no work and instantly riches and a lifestyle to be dreamed of will fall into their laps… and their bank accounts. Well they can’t be blamed for thinking this as there is much hype on the internet that perpetuates this myth.

The Truth

So, what is the truth? In reality it’s only the marketers selling the instant ‘overnight success without doing any work’ dream who are the ones achieving it – by selling their magical method to the next mug who comes along… and probably all of us who desire to have an online business have been caught out at some time or other by these scams or shiny objects.  Seriously, you have as much chance of winning the lottery as getting rich instantly without putting in any effort.

guru5Yes, it is possible to make money online, even a great deal of money but it does not happen that quickly. Oh and by the way, it does actual require you to do some work.

Making Money Requires Work

Work4Making money requires work; usually a lot of it and it also requires time. So if you really want to make money what’s so bad about working hard for it? I know, I know, you may want to quote about the internet gurus, the online marketing millionaires and their seemingly instant success and indeed some of them did make a lot of money in a very short space of time; however it didn’t really happen overnight. Most of them have their story of the years they spent trying to make money online before finally finding the method that helped them succeed. In nearly all cases this involved finding the right mentor.

Work Smarter and Harder

Making money online takes hard work. This means being efficient – if you are spending time reading the endless emails that drop into your inbox on a daily basis you may feel that you’re working hard on ‘research’ but actually you’re just reading sales copy. You need to work smarter and harder to accomplish more and make money – and then get your money to work for you.

Have a Plan of Action

Just like in any other business, you must have a plan of action in order to be a successful internet marketer. There isn’t any one magical internet plan of action that you can follow. However, you might want to follow a few of the following suggestions to get you started on your quest of making money online.

Tip 1: Do Your Research

There are many ways to make money online. To name but a few, you can write articles, become an affiliate, sell on EBay, or create your own products. Find out what interests you and do it. You need to be passionate about your chosen method in order to succeed.

marketing1When you’re starting it’s a good idea to try out many options to see what love doing.  However, don’t get bogged down and try to analyse everything about internet marketing in the very beginning. This will only confuse you and you will never start making money online.

Tip 2: Don’t Believe Everything You See


A lot of the so- called internet marketing gurus are full of …..well, you know. An internet marketing tip from many of them is not worth much at all. Remember, a lot of the ‘make money online’ websites are geared towards newbies who are unfamiliar with the internet and how it works. In addition some of these so called gurus probably aren’t making much money themselves.

However, there are also many credible and highly successful internet marketers. It is your job to find the ones that are reliable. Carefully pick the gurus that you choose as role models and mentors. Google them – what do their students and clients say about them?



Tip 3: Don’t Become Overwhelmed or Sidetracked


The internet has a lot of information for one person to digest. Web pages have links that can lead to other places of interest. Before you know it, you can drift off topic and land on web pages that are not related to your original searches for information. The next thing you know hours have passed and you have achieved nothing. Don’t get sidetracked. Don’t let all of this new information overwhelm you. Learn how to focus. Remember have a plan of action and stick to it.

Tip 4: Perfect It and Stick With It

Learn as much as you can on about internet marketing, but don’t try to do everything that you learn at one time. This is an internet marketing tip that you should take to heart. There are many different ways of doing things on the internet. Different gurus have different ways of doing many different things.

If you want to follow the system of one particular mentor, then follow that system to the letter. Don’t practice those steps and then two weeks later jump to another guru’s system. Figure out how to make that particular system work for you before you go to another one. Remember every successful internet marketer also has had or still has a mentor and you can learn different things from the ones you choose to follow.

Tip 5: Don’t Give Up



You are not going to find the perfect internet marketing tip. Don’t jump from one internet marketing system to another just because you did not make sales in a short period of time. You must be willing to put in the hard work that is required to make your internet marketing campaign successful. Persistence pays when it comes to internet marketing.


Internet marketing requires persistence, hard work and patience. You won’t become rich in the very beginning, but you have the potential to do so in the very near future. Finding an internet marketing tip or two and finding the right mentor for you can help you to find online success.

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