My Very First Sale

My Very First Sale Ever!

I can hardly believe it!

I’ve just had my very first sale on the internet!

I made this short video to share my success with you and tell you how I did it.

You know, I keep going back to check my ledger in iPro – just to made sure it’s still there and that I haven’t been dreaming! :-)

18 thoughts on “My Very First Sale

  1. Wonderful Alayna. So Happy for you. In fact I am really impressed with the many ‘seniors’ taking serious actions during and after QSC. Handful, like your goodself are making success. I am confident with your commitment, more to come! Look forward to hear more. To your Abundance! :)
    Sandy Tan recently posted…How to start a blogMy Profile

    1. Hi Sandy – Thanks. I guess us seniors are ‘oldies but goodies’ :-) being bought up in the generation where if you really want something you have to work for it. All the best. Alayna

  2. Hey Alayna Great news. I am thinking this sale could quite probably come from a solo ad i sold you so that makes me super duper happy and hoping that there will be more sales from the optins.
    I would love to hear of you getting more and more sales. Keep up the videos too. It is great as it makes me very emotional to see you oozing with excitement.
    Having a glass of bubbles. We are moving onwards and upwards
    Jenelle Livet recently posted…More Great News from Dean Holland todayMy Profile

    1. Hi Jenelle, Yes you’re right and a great big thank you – this sale did come from the solo ad clicks I bought from you. I ‘ll keep you up to date with results from the optins. I didn’t think I could ‘name names’ on iPro group because of the ‘promotions’ rule but I’ve given you testimonials on your FB page, Warrior Forum, SoloAds Testimonials FB group and also in a PM to another iPro partner who wanted to know the details. I think I’ll join you in that glass of bubbles!
      All the best. Alayna

    1. Hey Keyur,
      I’m sure it will be something I’ll remember for years…I have only be trying about 18 months but sometimes it’s seemed a long 18 months with no return. I’m feeling even more enthusiastic to keep going now.

  3. Congratulations,Alayna!

    What an amazing journey! Well done and this first sale is just the start!
    I’m constantly in awe of your efforts…!
    Have run my first solo ad this week and will have the results through soon…

    Wishing you all the best for the start of your thriving online business,

    Aneeta recently posted…Solo Ad NewbieMy Profile

    1. Hi Mike
      I’m sure doing the happy dance. It’s a tremendous boost to make a sale and know that it’s all starting to work. I have been toying iwith the idea of Facebook ads a bit further down the track when the budget allows. Thanks for taking the time to visit – please come back any time.
      Alayna recently posted…My Very First SaleMy Profile

    1. Hi Steve
      I’m really happy that it seems my persistence is starting to pay off. It’s a huge energy boost and makes me enthusiastic for the next learning challenge :-)
      All the best. Alayna
      Alayna recently posted…My Very First SaleMy Profile

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