Day Two Traffic & Conversions Training Workshop

Day Two – Traffic Strategies

Do you remember yesterday I told you about the Success Metric equation?

Which is:

Traffic  +  Conversions =  Sales

….. And I focused on the ‘conversions’ part of the equation?  

Well, Day 2 of our training at the iPro Workshop was all about traffic.

The main objective for Day Two was to create a traffic plan that we could IMMEDIATELY put into action the second we returned home.

Similarly to Day One we started with a group brain storm of the various types of traffic methods.


This covered what is often termed as ‘free’ traffic which actually means investing your time, and paid traffic methods.


Some of the time invested ‘free’ methods suggested were

  • blogging

  • social media

  • forums

  • video

  • podcasting

Paid traffic methods included

  • solo ads,

  • banner ads,

  • Face Book ads and

  • Pay per Click (PPC).

Then it was time to create our own traffic getting plan.

We already had our marketing system plans in hand from Day One so of course this dictated what our personal traffic strategies would be to a certain extent.

Dean suggested focusing on only two or three strategies in order to have a more concentrated and consistent focus rather than spread ourselves too thin in too many directions and not making much progress with any method.

‘Bite-sized’ actionable pieces is the key.

However some methods could be used in combination with others, for example posting on various social media, so that advantage of reaching a larger ‘audience’ needed to be considered.


Once we had decided on our personal traffic strategies and created a plan we shared this with the rest of the group for their input on refining and tweaking.

As everyone was from different backgrounds with different experiences and at various stages with their businesses these group sharing sessions were invaluable.

Finally we had complete, solid, traffic and conversion plan ready for immediate action that would have a direct impact on our respective businesses.

Then it was time to take photos and say goodbye to old and new friends before heading off for the homeward journey in various cars, trains and planes.



All in all it was an immensely enjoyable and useful weekend workshop.

If you have the opportunity to attend ones of Dean Holland’s workshops – take it, you won’t regret it.


Just before I go, I know the iPro Partners Workshop I’ve been writing about has aspects of more advanced internet marketing and is not exactly for someone completely new to starting an online business.


Therefore if you don’t feel confident to create your own sales funnel system at this stage there is still a way you can earn money online.

You could check out Dean Holland’s ‘Big Commission Blueprint’ and learn how to send traffic to a ‘done for you’ high-converting sales funnel.

This may be just the product that’s suitable for your online business ambitions at present.

Check it out in the free video here.



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