My Internet Marketing Journey

I’m Alayna. Welcome to my first blog post and the beginning of my journey into internet marketing.

I’ve always wanted to go on an epic journey. In my imagination I saw this as crossing the Sahara by camel train, circumnavigating Australia by jeep, riding a motorcycle from Singapore to Beijing or similar romantic adventure.

Well, I AM going on an epic journey- with mentors Dean Holland, Craig, and the other participants of the Quick Start Challenge 2014.

On 1st April this email popped up in my inbox.

What if I told you that within 28 days you could be…

~ Established online (the right way)
~ Driving traffic to your site (without paying for it)
~ Building an email list to make money with

And be well on your way to having a successful internet business following a proven formula

Sound good?

Yes it sounded good, maybe too good. After all, I suffer from next shiny object syndrome and have a hard drive full of software I don’t know how to use or don’t remember what it’s for, but it sounded good on the squeeze page and I was convinced at the time it was just what I needed to succeed online.

I wondered how this programme was going to be different. So I checked out the testimonials of last years challenge participants and discovered there was no hype, no unrealistic claims or false promises but a structured plan as long as you take action.
I decided the Quick Start Challenge Turbo 2014 was for me. It was back to basics, and do it right, step by step. We’ve just finished the 1st weeks training and already I’ve had some revelations. The online community is just great. Dean, Craig and JF – thank you, you guys rock!

I’m now in the middle of this weeks ‘to dos’ and part of my commitment is this blog. It will be a record my trials and tribulations, successes and failures as I take positive action in the first steps towards becoming a successful internet entrepreneur.


Please leave me a comment as I would love to have your feedback. If this blog can help other newbies learn with me that would be great. I’d love to hear about your particular journey in whatever you doing and why.

Thank you for reading.


15 thoughts on “My Internet Marketing Journey

  1. I too have fell victim to many good copywriters. All I can say is keep moving and hope this is that aha moment that the light shines on us, actually I mean dollars fill up our bank accounts.

  2. Hi Alayna! Great job on getting started. :) I can totally get where you’re coming from. You probably have a hard drive similar to mine. Success is just a short distance away and you are on your way there. All the best to you!

  3. Hi Alayna, great start on your blog, I was feeling the sand on my face the bumps and jolts in the jeep and the noise from the traffic while I rode my bike. Seems Idyllic – well back to the real world.
    Congratulations on starting the Quick Start Challenge, like practically everyone else on this particular journey I have been infested with a host of syndromes, viruses, plagues nits & mites. I can hear them in my hard drive fighting over whose next. all kidding aside, I wish you every success and hope to hear more of your journey in the future.

    1. Hi Sherry. Thanks for taking the time to comment. We will not allow bugs to beleaguer us – we’re on the first few steps of an intriguing journey.

  4. Hi Alayna! Glad I dropped by your blog post, didn’t know the next assignment was to set up a video post. Have not finished the downloaded video of week 2 =)

    I like your posts, your writing style, it’s so straight from the heart.

    Wish you luck in Dean Hollands challenge

    1. Hi Ari
      I’m glad I could inadvertently help with the Week 2 challenge :-) I just Looked at your blog and will go back there to comment. The header pictures of scenery are really beautiful. Thanks for dropping by.

  5. Hi Alayna,

    You’re blog is fantastic! I’m in awe of your level of action taking…you’re truly determined and focused on achieving your goals. I can’t believe how many posts you do…I found my first post and video absolutely exhausting…am yet to install the auto-responder!

    Thank you for your consistent support and encouragement and apologies for taking so long to return the visit. I find keeping up with blog hopping whilst trying to absorb all the technical information rather overwhelming.

    Reading your trials with the IT side of life has really motivated me as I do battle on my laptop…

    You’re an inspirational blogger with a great sense of humour!


    1. I’m glad you’re enjoying my blog Aneeta. Keeping up with the bloghopping does take a long time and especially if you add the Signi method to that. I’ve decided to schedule a regular hour for it each day. I know I have problems with the technie side – a lot- and decided the only way I can cope with it is to find the amusing side as I stumble along with it or it would drive me crazy. It works most of the time. Alayna

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