Backing up my blog

Backing Up

Today I was in the middle of replying to a comment on my blog when suddenly the page ‘vanished’   Any attempts to log back in to my dashboard were met with the stern and frightening ‘Error 500 – this website does not exist’ or words to that effect.

Eeeeek! Help! Panic! I had nightmarish visions of all of my work on my blog over the last 4 weeks disappearing into the black hole of cyberspace.

When I was still unable to login to my dashboard after about a dozen tries, I walked away, made a nice calming cup of green tea, left the computer alone for 15 minutes, then tried again. You can imagine my relief when popped into being!

This is a message – I’m being told something here I thought.  Time to TAKE ACTION!

I downloaded the WordPress Backup to Dropbox plugin I was talking about yesterday, linked it to my Dropbox account and started an immediate backup.

I didn’t know how long it would take – any research I’d done about that just said the first backup could take ‘some time’. I also didn’t know if I could still continue to work on my website while it was backing up. That’s something I ‘ll have to ask those nice supportive people in the QSC Facebook group. It’s all those little things that once you know seem really obvious – but I don’t know, so I’ll have to ask.

While the plugin was doing it’s thing I went out  for about 40 minutes to buy groceries, I figured that was ‘some time’ – well no… not exactly. After I got back I sat and watched the files uploading for ‘some time’. Then it got a bit boring, so I got my little mini HP notebook out and  decided to watch a movie while I kept an eye on the back up process.

I was a bit anxious about my laptop overheating and its fan was working away furiously but things still felt pretty hot. I had a new fan put in last year, but it still has a tendency to overheat and then start doing weird stuff and  being uncooperative. I didnt want that happening in the middle of backing up. I turned the big fan on and set it near my laptop – it seemed to like that. The ‘some time’ turned out to be nearly 5 hours and nearly 9000 files! Wow I had no idea it would be that many… and it’s all there – in Dropbox, I checked.

I didnt get to back up with Cpanel as well, (but I did see the whole movie :-)  I also added my Twitter URL,  so you can now see the Twitter icon floating around on this page in company with the Facebook icon.  I replied to some comments on my blog and made several comments on other people’s blogs. So I did achieve something today.

I must get some sleep now, as tomorrow is another day.  A REALLY EXCITING  day actually as the first iPro webinar is in 5 hours time, early morning Hong Kong time.

More tomorrow – I’ll let you know how it goes.

19 thoughts on “Backing up my blog

  1. Hi Alayna, I think you did a great job putting your blog together, it looks great! I hear you about the back up site stuff. I have a plugin for that as well. However, depending on your hosting company, (I use Hostgator) most of them actually do back ups regularly as well. Don’t ask me how I found out! I lost my site too once, and had to call in a panic. I know when you put so much time and energy into something then fear it all went up in smoke in one hot minute!! Glad you got it all sorted out. Best of luck to you! :)

    1. Hi Mary
      Thanks for your comments. It is certainly a moment of sheer panic if you think your site is going to vanish. The backing up was on my ‘to do’ list and it was an incentive to actually make it a priority. All the best
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  2. Wow! The ions must not like you! But I am so glad that you are backing up your site because there may come a day that you have to use those files.

    Nowadays, I make regular backups. After being hit by a horrid hacker that literally destroyed the site, I learned my lesson.

    1. Hi Dawn. I’ve managed to anchor the social media icons at the bottom as well, so I have the floaters and the static ones. I think they are quite fun zipping around.
      I’m still learning more about the different ways of backing up. Huge learning curve going on here.

  3. It is so coincidental that we find ourselves at a tight spot when we are not prepared. Back up is important, thanks so much for explaining the steps well.

  4. Hi Alayna
    Awesome post. Thank you for sharing that valuable information. I will be looking at that word press Backup Plugin as well. It’s Kinda funny when you’re a total newbie( Like me…LOL) & you may try something new & all your work vanishes for a few minutes. Happened to me the other day. I tried out an earlier word press theme ( 2012 I think) & BANG!!! ALL my comments vanished. OMG!!! you can imagine the NASTY feeling I had in the pit of my stomach… Luckily I reverted back to my 2014 theme very quickly…to find my comments had returned…Phew!!! that was a close call. I think I will definitely look at word press backup now. So thanks for sharing your post.

    And All the Best with your iPro Coaching program. Would definitely be following you on that one Alayna.

    Good Luck!!!

    And I sure bet you gonna be learning some fantastic new tricks on iPro that will make you Lots of $$$.

    Ciao for now

    1. Hi Razeena,
      Thanks for visiting my blog, come back anytime. I am a total newbie as well, as you can tell, :-) and I know only too well that sick feeling in your stomach if you think you’ve messed something up. The backing up has given me some peace of mind. I’m really enjoying iPro and again it’s a huge steep learning curve, but I am determined to keep learning.

  5. Okay, Alayna…now I’m alarmed!

    Never thought about the blog going up in smoke…will definitely be having a look at the Backup plugin!

    It’s pretty good following in your footsteps; I get to relive your horror through your post, then take preventative action before it happens to me…

    Much appreciated,

  6. When you are not being allowed to get in your own home, how do you feel? I would have felt the same when my site’s dashboard do not allow me to get in. That is really scarry.

    I am yet to install the backup plugin. Thanks for the plugin suggestion, Alayna.

    1. Welcome back Keyur,
      Thanks for dropping by.
      Well I did manage to lock myself out of my apartment (left my keys at home) a few months ago. That was a total pain having to go to the land agent and get them to get a locksmith (and do the translating) I stood outside for about 2 hours while the locksmith struggled with the very secure deadlock!..and it cost me about $500(HK). But that was only frustrating – and it didn’t anywhere near cause me the sick feeling I got when I thought I was locked out of my site.:-)

  7. Hey Alayna, great post. Backing up is something I’m tackling now. Not sure I’m working with a plugin like you did or my hosting company.

    I better decide quick and stop putting it off. I don’t want to run into the nightmare you did.

    Thanks for sharing your story to give me the nudge I need.


    1. Hi Lezlie,
      I’m glad you got something useful out of my post. Backing up was on my ‘to do’ list – but I sure got a big nudge myself.

  8. Hi Alayna,
    I tried “wordpress backup to dropbox” and the first backup took over 12 hours. I finally stopped it. I have no idea why it ran that long. Next I’m going to try “updraft plus”. It’s highly rated. We’ll see how it goes.
    – Neill
    Neill recently posted…Quick Start Challenge – Week ThreeMy Profile

    1. Hi Neill
      I had to smile when you said your first back up was going for 12 hours. I thought mine was stuck or something when it just seemed to be going on and on ….. However I think the backing up is essential just for peace of mind. All the best
      Alayna recently posted…Unique Internet Marketing EventMy Profile

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