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Day Two Traffic & Conversions Training Workshop

Day Two – Traffic Strategies

Do you remember yesterday I told you about the Success Metric equation?

Which is:

Traffic  +  Conversions =  Sales

….. And I focused on the ‘conversions’ part of the equation?  

Well, Day 2 of our training at the iPro Workshop was all about traffic.

The main objective for Day Two was to create a traffic plan that we could IMMEDIATELY put into action the second we returned home.

Similarly to Day One we started with a group brain storm of the various types of traffic methods.


This covered what is often termed as ‘free’ traffic which actually means investing your time, and paid traffic methods.


Some of the time invested ‘free’ methods suggested were

  • blogging

  • social media

  • forums

  • video

  • podcasting

Paid traffic methods included

  • solo ads,

  • banner ads,

  • Face Book ads and

  • Pay per Click (PPC).

Then it was time to create our own traffic getting plan.

We already had our marketing system plans in hand from Day One so of course this dictated what our personal traffic strategies would be to a certain extent.

Dean suggested focusing on only two or three strategies in order to have a more concentrated and consistent focus rather than spread ourselves too thin in too many directions and not making much progress with any method.

‘Bite-sized’ actionable pieces is the key.

However some methods could be used in combination with others, for example posting on various social media, so that advantage of reaching a larger ‘audience’ needed to be considered.


Once we had decided on our personal traffic strategies and created a plan we shared this with the rest of the group for their input on refining and tweaking.

As everyone was from different backgrounds with different experiences and at various stages with their businesses these group sharing sessions were invaluable.

Finally we had complete, solid, traffic and conversion plan ready for immediate action that would have a direct impact on our respective businesses.

Then it was time to take photos and say goodbye to old and new friends before heading off for the homeward journey in various cars, trains and planes.



All in all it was an immensely enjoyable and useful weekend workshop.

If you have the opportunity to attend ones of Dean Holland’s workshops – take it, you won’t regret it.


Just before I go, I know the iPro Partners Workshop I’ve been writing about has aspects of more advanced internet marketing and is not exactly for someone completely new to starting an online business.


Therefore if you don’t feel confident to create your own sales funnel system at this stage there is still a way you can earn money online.

You could check out Dean Holland’s ‘Big Commission Blueprint’ and learn how to send traffic to a ‘done for you’ high-converting sales funnel.

This may be just the product that’s suitable for your online business ambitions at present.

Check it out in the free video here.



A Kickstart and a Challenge

Last weekend – 7th & 8th February I had the privilege of taking part in the iPro Partners Workshop Event in Nottingham, UK.



The objective of the workshop was to ensure we ALL came away with an achievable business plan for the next 12 months.

Eeek – the idea of was scary, but I knew I needed to get out where I had been wallowing in my comfort zone for far too long.

It was just the sort of invigorating kickstart I needed to get me back on track with my internet marketing business following my recent move to the UK after 16 years in SE Asia.

Dean Holland together with Louis Doughty provided two days of hands on training. But it wasn’t all sitting around listening to experts – it was a real planning and sharing ideas with a small group of about 20 likeminded individuals.

All of whom are determined to succeed in their plans to make money online.

Meeting people we knew from our FB support group was a bonus, rather like meeting old friends as we matched virtual people to real people.

Day One- The Conversion Day

Day One kicked off with setting a target to be achieved in 12 months’ time.

A good starting point example was US$100,000 as an annual income.

We then got into further goal setting and planning, breaking down what we would need on a monthly, weekly and even daily basis to achieve our target.

When we broke it down this way it seemed much more achievable.

Then came the ‘How?’ 

To reach our target we needed a sales system or in other words a working conversion funnel and we needed to know how to do this in the way that would lead us to be the most successful.

By this we need to begin mindful action in a purposeful direction and use The Success Metric.

What is The Success Metric?

The basic concept of all marketing in any niche is an equation we call The Success Metric, quite simply it is this ….

Traffic   +   Conversions  =   Sales

Of course all sorts of targets and goals can make up part of The Success Metric but its overall purpose is to make a statement about a specific desired outcome which helps ensure you meet your business objectives.

If The Success Metric is maintained then the outcome is considered a success.

You should keep your end goal in mind and all that you do on a daily basis should contribute to it.

This is really important because statistics show that 97% of online businesses fail – they never make any money.


We have three parts to The Success Metric and all elements need to be present for success.

It seemed obvious to begin with traffic – but we didn’t start there.

If you look back at the beginning of this post you’ll see the Day One was The Conversion Day.

How do you turn prospects or leads into sales?


Actually when you really think about it – it’s logical.

People want to buy from people and specifically people want to buy from people they Know, Like and Trust.


People don’t want to be bombarded with a hard sell of a product that may or may not be suitable for them either in the street or online.

So we need to build a relationship with our prospective customers by letting them get to know us and providing something of value for free before introducing a low cost product they may find useful.


To begin this process in the workshop we first we thought about what giveaway product we could create and a low price front end offer.

A brainstorm of ideas gave us a good starting point.

The importance of establishing ‘Know, Like and Trust’ was emphasised in order to give value to people and subsequently make sales once we had gained their confidence.



Next we applied ourselves to working on the 10 day follow up email sequence our prospects would receive leading to the purchase of our newly created low cost front end offer and then on into the iPro funnel.

 We concluded this part with a sharing session of our ideas with the rest of the group which was invaluable.

A summary of what we had covered ended the day and a further goal was set – what we needed to achieve in a month – well 3 weeks actually, to take us to the end of February.


iPro Workshop

We all went out to dinner together in the evening supposedly to relax but everyone was absolutely buzzing with motivation from the day and ideas and experiences were swapped long into the night.

I can’t remember the name of the restaurant but it was an excellent choice catering for all tastes.  I decided to make it an early night after that – so I could be fresh and fully functioning for Day Two training – Traffic Strategies.


Tomorrow I’ll tell you all about Day Two – there I’ve said it now – publically – so that means it will get done. (Being reliable is vital in business)

Look in tomorrow to find out about ‘Day Two – Traffic Strategies’.

In the meantime if you want to learn more about iPro and its flagship product ‘The Big Commission Blueprint’ there’s a free video here to tell youall about it and what it can do for you.


Until tomorrow then,