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Motivation and Procrastination

After all the rain and thunderstorms we’ve been having recently it’s a beautiful sunny day in Hong Kong. It’s hot, hot, hot! 33 degrees C (or mid 90’s F for my North American friends). Let’s hope it stays fine for tomorrow’s Dragon Boat Day or Tuen Ng Festival.

from nthpoint

I haven’t posted for over a week. I’ve been quite a bit down to be honest. Last Friday was my son’s birthday – he would have been 45. If you’ve read my ‘Meet Alayna’you will know that my son suddenly left this world 15 months ago, on the final journey we will all take one day.

‘Anniversaries’ are hard and I had a couple of days this last week when I didn’t even get out of bed. Last night was crux of the situation; I gave myself a strict talking to, reminded myself of my ‘why’ and decided I cannot wallow in depression and self-pity, that is unhelpful, totally unproductive, and it not going to change my situation one iota.

Therefore I decided this post needs to be about analyzing the current situation, motivation and picking yourself up after setbacks. It is therapy for me as I work through my own feelings and I hope it will help you if you’re also going through any low times, or at the very least I hope it will amuse you.

frustration1Frustrations and Indecisions

In a recent post I wrote the analogy that I was a tortoise rather than a hare. I’m a plodder who takes time to sort things through, but overall I see myself as persistent in pursuing my goals. However ……….

  • Sometimes I get frustrated and feel that I’m a tortoise with a snail friend for a business.
  • Sometimes life just gets in the way with what I want to achieve online and the content of my blog posts.
  • Sometimes I can’t decide if I should be watching more training videos, or blog hopping
  • Sometimes I get distracted and spend far too much time of Facebook reading about the interesting things others are doing.
  • Sometimes I feel like I’m taking one step forwards and two back
  • Sometimes I’m afraid to even check my bank balance
  • Sometimes I feel my list isn’t growing fast enough
  • Sometimes I need to go out and do a job I don’t really want to do because I need the rent money
  • Sometimes I get ‘stuck’ and overwhelmed
  • Sometimes I compare myself to others and feel depressed that I’m not doing so well

I may have done the QSC Turbo 2 but my business is definitely not turbo charged at present – it’s creeping along at a snail’s pace. I suffer from ‘there-is-so-much-I-need-to-learn-and-so much-I-need-to-do-and-the-days-aren’t-endless-and-neither-is-my-bank-balance’ syndrome.

In fact, on the bright side it is creeping forwards and that is a positive situation. Even if it feels like it plateaus at times.



Plateaus & Procrastination

Sometimes I get stuck and have a brain freeze. I don’t know what I’m going to write a post about, because I’m just learning and I don’t know if what I have to say is valuable to others.

Sometimes I am afraid and can’t go forward, but I’m far more afraid of going back.

Sometimes I completely blob out. I have been known to resort to watching movie after movie and eating chocolate or ice-cream as a form of avoidance.

Solutions For You & Me

Review your progress –

Write down or celebrate even the tiny steps you’ve accomplished towards creating your online business and making it a reality.

Feeling overwhelmed?

Have a brain dump and write down EVERYTHING in your head- it doesn’t need to be organised just write it down. Spend about an hour on this. Get it all out there and clear space in your head. You don’t have to do anything with it – unless you choose to do so. You are just creating a fresh clear headspace from inner turmoil and chaos.

Getting negative feedback?

While I’m on about clearing space in your head – are you getting negative reactions from others about wasting your time or money on trying to make money online? Firstly, if the person is not your partner (which is an entirely different matter that I won’t go into) – why does it bother them what you do with your time or money? Don’t let negative and toxic people rent space in your head – raise the rent and kick them out!

Feeling stuck on something?

Reach out to your online Facebook group or Forum and ask others for advice

Take a break
  • Get off the computer and go play outside!
  • Go for a walk, run or go to the gym
  • Phone a friend or meet up for coffee or a drink
  • Spend time on an activity of hobby unrelated to the internet
take a break 2

Get yourself an ‘accountability’ partner. This can be anyone. They don’t have to have an internet business and they don’t even have to be in the same country. It’s just someone that you check in with regularly by phone, Skype or email,  to talk about what you’ve achieved and what your next step is. And LIMIT the time for this, people are busy, just make it say 10 minutes once a week.

Alternatively there’s also’public accountability’ where you announce to the world on Facebook or Twitter what you’re going to achieve this week or this month. It’s harder to  back down and not make an effort if you’ve put yourself out there. It doesn’t matter if you don’t fully manage everything – as long as you are TAKING ACTION and making progress.

Now having said all that I have to take heed of my own advice and go and Skype my accountability partner. :-) 

Steps forward

  • I’ve worked on my website/blog/online business (nearly) every day
  • I’ve thought about my website every day
  • I’ve made a LARGE chart of ‘Why Do I Want An Internet Business?’ set goals with time frames and listed how this will be achieved. I’ve put it on my wall where I see it last thing before sleeping and first thing when I wake up
  • I’ve watched tutorials and made notes
  • I’ve attended a number of training webinars on different aspects of an internet business
  • I’ve learned some new internet language
  • I’ve blog hopped and put comments on forums
  • I’ve bought my first solo ad



Personal Analytics

  • Own list of subscribers – 12 and 2 pending
  • Opt-ins  (iPro ) – 47
  • Conversions- 1
  • Useful stuff bought – Optilinks, VideoFX
  • Money saved (from not buying and Shiny objects)  – probably $500
  • Money saved from unsubscribing – $136/month
  • Money made – $17.95
  • Mild Frustrations and Panic Attacks – at least one daily and on bad hair days about 10

Have a good week and remember-