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My Very First Sale

My Very First Sale Ever!

I can hardly believe it!

I’ve just had my very first sale on the internet!

I made this short video to share my success with you and tell you how I did it.

You know, I keep going back to check my ledger in iPro – just to made sure it’s still there and that I haven’t been dreaming! :-)

The Power of Solo Ads

I Purchase A Solo Ad

In the last few weeks I’ve learned about solo ads and how they can be a powerful marketing tool targeting your specific niche if used wisely. 


For those of you who are wondering what a solo ad is – well 2 weeks ago I didn’t know either. Basically a solo ad is a form of paid traffic and it’s when you pay a provider to send out an email advertisement, freebie offer or sales page on your behalf to a specific number of people. You pay for the number of people or ‘clicks’ it gets sent to.

I’ve never purchased a solo ad before and looking through all the Solo Ads Pages of various providers and testimonials just made my head spin. 
Who to choose?

A Business Transaction

Booking or purchasing a solo ad is a business transaction and you need to treat is as such.
In order to get a return on your investment there are all sorts of things to consider when choosing a solo ad provider.
You need to ask questions and check facts.  
  • Contact the solo ad provider and introduce yourself – if you get no response then move on. You need to make sure the vendor is not a scammer or ‘fly by nighter’.
  • What countries does the list cover? Tier 1 countries such as USA, Canada, UK, and Australia, are usually more expensive but you are more likely to get a good response from Tier 1 countries.
  • How did the vendor built up their list?
  • Is your product suitable for their list? For example is your product is in the health market you don’t want it sent to people who have shown an interest in relationships
  • Do you or could you provide your own headline and swipe copy? Some vendors will only use their own copy
  • Send them the link to your product and ask if they have mailed out the same offer previously and if so, when.
  • When could your clicks be sent?
  • Is there any ‘first time’ discount?
  • Are all clicks tracked and confirmed? Do you get a ‘tracking report’?
  • And finally, stick to your budget. When you’ve been working really hard to get traffic to your website and suddenly see a surge in opt-ins it would be easy to get carried away  and order a lot more – but you need to make sure you are covering your expenses and making a profit. In other words what percentage of all these clicks are eventually converting to sales.

My Choice

I looked at several solo ad vendors and narrowed down the list of those I thought I’d like to work with. One was so booked up she had no free slots in the foreseeable future. Another didn’t reply to my first enquiry.  I decided to purchase for my first try from someone I already knew of, who sold clicks. We corresponded by email and when I decided what I wanted, we made the transaction.

That was a couple of days ago and right now I’m waiting for the event to begin. I guess it’s a bit like the first day in a new job, nervous anticipation and excitement. My first solo ad is underway and I’m expecting to see some results over the next few days.

I’ll let you know.

waitng 2

Unique Internet Marketing Event

Exciting News!           Jubilant Businesswoman

Tickets are on sale for Dean Holland’s ‘Automated Income Seminar’

You too can join millionaire Internet Marketing expert Dean Holland and learn the secrets of how he makes money online.


“In just 48 hours, you’ll discover the most valuable, automated money-making systems, tools and strategies that will transform your internet business forever”

 This amazing 2 day event on is on June 28-29, 2014 in Manchester, England, UK.

Special early bird ticket price of only $97 click here (only a few left)

Ticket Price will rise to $497 (Only 100 seats in total)


Who is Dean Holland?

Dean Holland is the man behind the iPro Partnership Programme, and the Quick Start Challenge. The programmes I have written about on this blog.

Dean is a highly successful internet marketer -but it wasn’t always so – in his first 4 years of learning how to break into the world of internet marketing Dean made nothing, zero, zilch and in fact got into enormous debt in pursuit of his dreams.

All changed when he attended a live event and met a marketer who became his mentor. What followed was that Dean rapidly began succeeding in his internet marketing endeavours. He is now an extremely successful internet entrepreneur and you have the opportunity to meet him in person and find out how he did it.

Knowing Dean’s style you will need to arm yourself with notepads, pens or an ipad and be prepared to work intensely for these 2 days alongside Dean. Don’t expect it to be a 2 days sales pitch – because it won’t be.

To go or not to go – that is the question

I was really torn over this one and unfortunately had to make the logical decision not to go. My work is freelance and the nature of it is that I am busy when many others are not – evenings, weekends and peak holiday times. My plan is to be in UK later in the year and I just can’t do to trips.

I really wish I was going as with being involved in other coaching from Dean I know you will get immense value from this.

This is only the second time Dean Holland has run such a seminar and if you check out the video you’ll see what some of those who attended the first seminar in 2011 had to say about it.

However, you need to decide quickly if you are wavering about whether to go or not, as limited tickets are available for this rare event.

Click here to find out more.

What will you learn?

Dean’s Ultimate Internet Business Model Consisting of 6 Components with mysterious names such as…..
  • The‘2 Phase Lead Box’
  • The ‘Value Trip’
  • The ‘Irresistible Stack’
  • The ‘Automated Cash Machine’
  • The ‘Wishing Well’
  • ? and a sixth secret component to be revealed at the live event
PLUS much more to put you on the road to earning an excellent income from internet marketing


Click here to find out more.
Date: June 28th & 29th 2014
Venue: Manchester Conference Centre Manchester, M1 3BB, UK


Here’s the link again for information and tickets




Is Your Website Secure?

Secure Your Blog


I mentioned that I re-activated Wordfence a couple of days ago. Even though someone else experienced a problem with this plugin, after I’d backed up the other day I decided I needed a bit more security.

I can report that it’s definitely working! I received an alert today that someone had been locked out from signing in. It gave me the IP address of the unknown person. Does anyone know what you can / need to do with that (if anything)?

In an odd sort of way I’m kind of flattered – that my little newbie blog has drawn enough attention that someone wants to hack into it!   Although I know the attempt was probably automated and not personal , it also made me decide I need to ajust the settings to be even more secure. So if you’ve been ‘sitting on the fence’ about making your site secure, perhaps this might help as a bit of reminder to get it sorted.

The other thing is your should really make your user name for WordPress obscure and not obvious  – make it quite long and use a mixture of letters, numbers and symbols. The person who tried to hack into my WordPress tried the rather obvious ‘Alayna’ as the user name.



Earn While You Learn


Earn While You Learn

A Decision

If you’ve read some of my blog you’ll know that I recently participated in and completed the Quick Start Challenge Turbo 2.0. Before the end of the programme I had made up my mind to try to continue with coaching from Dean Holland.

My reasons were simple- over the 4 weeks of the QSC I had learned so much and pushed myself way out of my comfort zone achieving those things I had never believed I would be able to do, through fear or lack of knowledge.

Well, fear can be overcome and everything is figure-out-able.

iPro Partner and Coaching Programme

I knew, as a newcomer to the online world of business, to be able to continue in this I would need the type of professional coaching /mentoring that Dean’s iPro Partner and Coaching Programme could provide.  I was also comfortable with Dean’s very practical, friendly and engaging teaching style, so it was an easy choice for me.

I believe if you want success you need to follow someone who is successful….and Dean is very successful. You can click here to see for yourself. 

I Get Lucky!

The gods were smiling on me when I made my decision and I was fortunate enough to win one of the amazing prizes of the QSC – 3 months coaching in Dean’s iPro programme. ME! Yes me!

I have hardly won anything in my life! Unless you count the raffle at the school fair when I was in Grade 8, the occasional $2 or $3 on those instant scratchy cards, or my once a year bet $5 each way on the Grand National or Melbourne cup.


Oddly enough the previous week, while waiting for the Week 2 winner to be announced during the webinar, I had written in my journal ‘the winner is ME!’

It was part of my new philosophy I was working on – to

‘get results in your head first that make you feel certain it has already happened’

The universe is indeed an abundant place if you are prepared to reach out for it with both hands – the winner is the one that finishes strong leading with their head; hands and outstretched to the finish line.

About iPro

Now I am a fledgling member of the iPro programme.

Much of what we have been learning is a continuation of the glimpse we had in the QSC – with lots more bells and whistles. Weekly webinars with the established members of the programme and some extra start up coaching for us new people; a supportive and encouraging Facebook community group of like –minded people;  marketing tools, a professional sales team to follow up your leads, a generous commission and also the freedom to choose which methods suit us best.

Don’t just take my word for it – you can check out all the details for yourself here

I’m learning a lot in the iPro programme, my learning curve is even steeper than it was during the QSC and I’m learning about things I didn’t even have the vocabulary for before!

I just wanted to share some of my experience with you and let you know it works; many new members have had sales within days of joining.

Success Is Yours – Reach For The Stars *


Legal Pages and Menus

It’s a gloomy day today in Hong Kong, it’s overcast, dull  and grey. At least it’s stopped raining. It’s been raining every day for the last week with squally thunderstorms all in 100% humidity which is not much fun. However there’s yacht race on the harbour and I have been watching that out my window while I wait for inspiration for this post.  I actually have plenty to share, just wondering what order to put it in.

Adding Legal Pages

Again I’ve learned a lot this week. and working in reverse order, today I dealt with getting the legal pages on my blog which you can now access from the navigation bar and learning how to make menus – haven’t quite got that sorted, but I have the basic idea and at least my navigation bar looks more logical now. I used a plugin called ‘Instapages’ to add the legal pages; it was one of those shiny objects I bought a while ago because I was sure it would be useful sometime. It auto-added the pages as soon as I clicked ‘activate plugin’. There was a couple of hiccups though. It was supposed to add the pages in the footer and there they were all spread out along the navigation bar  like birds sitting on a fence – not a good look at all!

Then I also realised that the Anti-Spam Policy was still reclining in my ‘pages’ as a draft and hadn’t been published along with the Amazon Affiliate Disclaimer one (which I don’t need on this site right now but may add later). I was about to go to the support page when I saw that two people had previously had the exact same issues and the nice people at WP Support had made a video about it. I opened a new window and followed along with the video to fix the problems. I felt quite proud of myself when I’d accomplished it. A baby step I know, but for someone who learns this stuff slowly it was a real acheivement :-) I didn’t get them in the footer afterall, because my theme only support one menu and not a footer (unless I’d put them in a widget in my footer which is actually called the main sidebar in my theme.)

Navigation Bar and Menus

I’d been wondering how to get the things I wanted to appear in the navigation bar to actually appear and the WP support video actually led the way here. I hadn’t tackled the menus because I didn’t know what function they played and didn’t know what to put in a menu. It didn’t occur to me that was where you got the navigation bar sorted.  I’m starting to realise that there are quite a few different terms for the same thing, and while those more used to finding their way around WordPress have probably forgotten what it was like when they started,  these little things can easily trip up someone new to working on their blog. We often know what we want to do but don’t know how to get there.

I went to Appearance, Menus, then Pages to see all the different pages I could choose for the menu. I made a ‘pull down’ menu by just moving the items I wanted to be sub-items  e.g. the different legal pages, slightly to the right underneath the main item.  This solved my problem of not having a proper footer space, as I didn’t have that option under my location tab and it also gave the navigation bar a clearer appearance.  For the menu setting I just clicked on navigation bar – and remembered to save. I should have said prior to doing this I needed to create a new page which just listed my different legal pages and made a link to them. (This then formed the main page/item to list the sub-items under). I then made another new page for ‘Your First Website’ and repeated what I’d just done to create another drop down menu for this with my Starting Out: Parts 1 & 2 and Internet Lingo. I’m not a fan of acronyms and there’s an awful lot of them in the online world.

More Plugins

I also reactivated Wordfence for security and added another fun little plugin called Covert Messenger which you’ll get to see later.

I was going to start writing about joining iPro here but I think that deserves a post of its own.  Well, I’m off to make a coffee now and stretch my legs after sitting at the computer for about 5 hours.

I told you I was slow…….. Just think of the story ‘The Hare and the Tortoise.’

imgres hare-and-tortoise-marketing-chart-social-media

Backing up my blog

Backing Up

Today I was in the middle of replying to a comment on my blog when suddenly the page ‘vanished’   Any attempts to log back in to my dashboard were met with the stern and frightening ‘Error 500 – this website does not exist’ or words to that effect.

Eeeeek! Help! Panic! I had nightmarish visions of all of my work on my blog over the last 4 weeks disappearing into the black hole of cyberspace.

When I was still unable to login to my dashboard after about a dozen tries, I walked away, made a nice calming cup of green tea, left the computer alone for 15 minutes, then tried again. You can imagine my relief when popped into being!

This is a message – I’m being told something here I thought.  Time to TAKE ACTION!

I downloaded the WordPress Backup to Dropbox plugin I was talking about yesterday, linked it to my Dropbox account and started an immediate backup.

I didn’t know how long it would take – any research I’d done about that just said the first backup could take ‘some time’. I also didn’t know if I could still continue to work on my website while it was backing up. That’s something I ‘ll have to ask those nice supportive people in the QSC Facebook group. It’s all those little things that once you know seem really obvious – but I don’t know, so I’ll have to ask.

While the plugin was doing it’s thing I went out  for about 40 minutes to buy groceries, I figured that was ‘some time’ – well no… not exactly. After I got back I sat and watched the files uploading for ‘some time’. Then it got a bit boring, so I got my little mini HP notebook out and  decided to watch a movie while I kept an eye on the back up process.

I was a bit anxious about my laptop overheating and its fan was working away furiously but things still felt pretty hot. I had a new fan put in last year, but it still has a tendency to overheat and then start doing weird stuff and  being uncooperative. I didnt want that happening in the middle of backing up. I turned the big fan on and set it near my laptop – it seemed to like that. The ‘some time’ turned out to be nearly 5 hours and nearly 9000 files! Wow I had no idea it would be that many… and it’s all there – in Dropbox, I checked.

I didnt get to back up with Cpanel as well, (but I did see the whole movie :-)  I also added my Twitter URL,  so you can now see the Twitter icon floating around on this page in company with the Facebook icon.  I replied to some comments on my blog and made several comments on other people’s blogs. So I did achieve something today.

I must get some sleep now, as tomorrow is another day.  A REALLY EXCITING  day actually as the first iPro webinar is in 5 hours time, early morning Hong Kong time.

More tomorrow – I’ll let you know how it goes.

Themes, Plugins, and Social Media

Themes, Plugins and Social Media

The last few days have been really busy and I hadn’t got to just sitting down to write a post for my blog. There is so much to do when you’re started out with creating an online business and sometimes it feels as though it all has to be done at once. So what’s kept me busy?

My Theme

If you’ve been following my blog you may notice the theme  or appearance has changed. I wasn’t happy with the way the other one looked so I spent many hours trying out different themes and getting all the bits such as the opt in bar in the right place.  No matter what I tried I couldn’t get it to look like the preview advertised and I wasn’t that successful. Eventually I went back to something basic and decided I’ll get more fancy with the appearance of the blog when I have learned more.


I also learned more about plugins this week. As I said in the post Networking and Lurking it’s really important to be part of a group on Facebook or in a forum where you can ask questions. I vaguely knew I should be backing up what I ‘m doing on my website because after all that’s what people do about their documents isn’t it- they have another copy somewhere in case of disaster. I learned from 2 of my QSC group members I could get a plug-in to do the job such as  ‘WordPress Backup to Dropbox’ so I plan to set that up tomorrow. I’m also going to have another go at installing the ‘Jazzy Opt-ins’ plugin to make a fancier opt-in form with a picture on it of my free ebook ‘Wrong Way Warrior’. If you haven’t claimed yours yet, just put your email in the optiin from on the side bar and go grab a copy – it’s a fun read and also has some sound advice.


Another plugin that’s pretty much essential is some form of security. Everyone seems to have their favourite. I bought ‘Blog Defender’ because all the blurb convinced me it was the best…..but now oh my, golly gosh… I read how to set it up and its 15 steps seem so complicated. It is full of jargon and tasks I don’t understand and dire warnings about any site security running a high risk of breaking your site.  I’m probably going to chicken out and install one of the free security plugins available for now as the last thing I need is my site breaking.  Whatever I decide to do I’m going to have a go backing everything up first, both with the ‘WP Backup to Dropbox’ plugin and manually through my hosting account and Cpanel, where I understand you can schedule backups of the whole Cpanel or just the folders you want.

Social Media

I’ve always tended to shy away from social media and found it a little bizarre at some of the inane comments made on Facebook – ‘I saw a dog on the way to work’ or taking pictures of the food they are just about to eat. I didn’t really ‘get it’ neither did I ever understand the fascination of online games, even though my older sister is an avid player of Worls of Warcraft. I’d rather have a good book to read!

However there are millions of users of Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms and it has a very essential place in the online business world, so I’m just going to have to get over my apprehension.  I made a leap of faith into this yesterday and have set up a fan page on Facebook,  a Twitter account and on my ‘to do’ list is to set up a Youtube channel (I think that’s what it’s called), and Pinterest. Then to work our what RSS feeds are all about……. Oh and I also installed a plugin – yes another one, called ‘Social Floating Media’ that gives you the buttons to show on your site to link it to various social media. You’ll notice I haven’t got it quite right yet, and the FB icon chases you around the page :-) but I’m getting there and I think I achieved a lot over the last few days.

Networking and Lurking

Networking and Lurking

The 4 week Quick Start Challenge has come to an end.  People are at various stages in creating their online businesses. Some have had their online business for years, while for others it’s their very first venture into the online world and they have just started their first blog. When starting your business and looking at what others in your group are doing it’s easy to feel that everybody is so much more capable than you – they ‘get’ it and you’re the ONLY ONE who doesn’t.  Other people have more visitors, a bigger list and are making money. They celebrate their success publically. Enjoy their celebrations, congratulate them, and be proud of them. You will see them being supportive and encouraging others in the group. It’s similar if you go to online forums. It seems that people are talking another language. Everyone seems so much more successful than you.  They are making 4, 5 or even 6 figures, their list has thousands of people on it, they’ve just launched their latest service or product and their business only has high end clients that pay a huge amount of money for an hours coaching. Be happy for them.

Then there is the silent majority

In almost all groups that come together  for a common purpose, online or off, there always seems to be just a small percentage who are fully and actively engaged. For example, in the night school class I teach for people learning English, participation is part of their pass mark; yet even though I have reminded and encouraged my students of this throughout the course, some of them have barely raised their heads. They are the silent majority. Those who have become active within any group are the ones publically celebrating their successes, and encouraging other people. Others silently observe, they want to be part of this seemingly elusive group. They wonder how they can make it happen. They may feel intimidated, vulnerable and afraid their inadequacies will be seen. They are the silent ones who just lurk and observe and hope they will be able to figure out how to be successful by just watching others. They get discouraged, and then weeks have gone by, then months or even years. They look back and wonder how come ‘so and so’, who did the same course, or programme or training that they did, is now a huge success and they are not.

What should they have done?

Firstly realise that everyone started as a beginner online at some stage. NO ONE was born with the innate ability to succeed on line – they had to figure it out. As a teacher I’ve always told students to ASK questions because if they ask they are probably asking the question many others want to know, but are too shy to ask. If you are one of the silent observers start asking questions, start asking for help.

Don’t wait, speak up!

This will help not only yourself, but others who are in the same position as you to stop feeling isolated. It also gives people who have ‘been there’ and remember what that feels like, to be of service and offer their experience and help to others.

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

You are not going to know everything, but everything can be figured out.

Celebrate your small successes.

Every step is a victory. I learned this as a parent of a child with disabilities. I would feel envious when other parents would be celebrating their child winning a sports cup, coming top of their class, graduating from university, being promoted, etc. and knowing that none of this was ever going to happen for my boy. But it was just as important to celebrate when he learned to do any new thing for himself and I felt just as proud as those other parents. What I am saying here is – these are all the victories you have had over the last few weeks.

  • You set up a blog
  • You made a video and put it on YouTube
  • You learned some ways of how to drive traffic
  • You got an autoresponder and created your first email
  • You made an opt-in form on your sidebar
  • You got something of value together to give away
  • You may have made a squeeze page

You can be proud of yourself in all you have achieved over these few weeks, even before you make your first dollar, Maybe you fell by the wayside and didn’t get to finish all these things. Well that’s okay, for now, but if you really want this with all your heart you need to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and go back through the replay of the webinars on the QSC membership site. Believe in yourself that you can make this happen. Be absolutely certain in your head that you can make this happen


Make sure you’re in the Facebook group and ASK OTHERS It makes a huge difference to have a group of like-minded people being supportive and helping you become successful. Be active and network with others. If you don’t know how to do something well I’m quite sure one of those 890+ people in the Facebook group will help you, or point you in the right direction where you can find out.  Here’s to your success.