My Internet Marketing Journey

I’m Alayna. Welcome to my first blog post and the beginning of my journey into internet marketing.

I’ve always wanted to go on an epic journey. In my imagination I saw this as crossing the Sahara by camel train, circumnavigating Australia by jeep, riding a motorcycle from Singapore to Beijing or similar romantic adventure.

Well, I AM going on an epic journey- with mentors Dean Holland, Craig, and the other participants of the Quick Start Challenge 2014.

On 1st April this email popped up in my inbox.

What if I told you that within 28 days you could be…

~ Established online (the right way)
~ Driving traffic to your site (without paying for it)
~ Building an email list to make money with

And be well on your way to having a successful internet business following a proven formula

Sound good?

Yes it sounded good, maybe too good. After all, I suffer from next shiny object syndrome and have a hard drive full of software I don’t know how to use or don’t remember what it’s for, but it sounded good on the squeeze page and I was convinced at the time it was just what I needed to succeed online.

I wondered how this programme was going to be different. So I checked out the testimonials of last years challenge participants and discovered there was no hype, no unrealistic claims or false promises but a structured plan as long as you take action.
I decided the Quick Start Challenge Turbo 2014 was for me. It was back to basics, and do it right, step by step. We’ve just finished the 1st weeks training and already I’ve had some revelations. The online community is just great. Dean, Craig and JF – thank you, you guys rock!

I’m now in the middle of this weeks ‘to dos’ and part of my commitment is this blog. It will be a record my trials and tribulations, successes and failures as I take positive action in the first steps towards becoming a successful internet entrepreneur.


Please leave me a comment as I would love to have your feedback. If this blog can help other newbies learn with me that would be great. I’d love to hear about your particular journey in whatever you doing and why.

Thank you for reading.


Day Two Traffic & Conversions Training Workshop

Day Two – Traffic Strategies

Do you remember yesterday I told you about the Success Metric equation?

Which is:

Traffic  +  Conversions =  Sales

….. And I focused on the ‘conversions’ part of the equation?  

Well, Day 2 of our training at the iPro Workshop was all about traffic.

The main objective for Day Two was to create a traffic plan that we could IMMEDIATELY put into action the second we returned home.

Similarly to Day One we started with a group brain storm of the various types of traffic methods.


This covered what is often termed as ‘free’ traffic which actually means investing your time, and paid traffic methods.


Some of the time invested ‘free’ methods suggested were

  • blogging

  • social media

  • forums

  • video

  • podcasting

Paid traffic methods included

  • solo ads,

  • banner ads,

  • Face Book ads and

  • Pay per Click (PPC).

Then it was time to create our own traffic getting plan.

We already had our marketing system plans in hand from Day One so of course this dictated what our personal traffic strategies would be to a certain extent.

Dean suggested focusing on only two or three strategies in order to have a more concentrated and consistent focus rather than spread ourselves too thin in too many directions and not making much progress with any method.

‘Bite-sized’ actionable pieces is the key.

However some methods could be used in combination with others, for example posting on various social media, so that advantage of reaching a larger ‘audience’ needed to be considered.


Once we had decided on our personal traffic strategies and created a plan we shared this with the rest of the group for their input on refining and tweaking.

As everyone was from different backgrounds with different experiences and at various stages with their businesses these group sharing sessions were invaluable.

Finally we had complete, solid, traffic and conversion plan ready for immediate action that would have a direct impact on our respective businesses.

Then it was time to take photos and say goodbye to old and new friends before heading off for the homeward journey in various cars, trains and planes.



All in all it was an immensely enjoyable and useful weekend workshop.

If you have the opportunity to attend ones of Dean Holland’s workshops – take it, you won’t regret it.


Just before I go, I know the iPro Partners Workshop I’ve been writing about has aspects of more advanced internet marketing and is not exactly for someone completely new to starting an online business.


Therefore if you don’t feel confident to create your own sales funnel system at this stage there is still a way you can earn money online.

You could check out Dean Holland’s ‘Big Commission Blueprint’ and learn how to send traffic to a ‘done for you’ high-converting sales funnel.

This may be just the product that’s suitable for your online business ambitions at present.

Check it out in the free video here.



A Kickstart and a Challenge

Last weekend – 7th & 8th February I had the privilege of taking part in the iPro Partners Workshop Event in Nottingham, UK.



The objective of the workshop was to ensure we ALL came away with an achievable business plan for the next 12 months.

Eeek – the idea of was scary, but I knew I needed to get out where I had been wallowing in my comfort zone for far too long.

It was just the sort of invigorating kickstart I needed to get me back on track with my internet marketing business following my recent move to the UK after 16 years in SE Asia.

Dean Holland together with Louis Doughty provided two days of hands on training. But it wasn’t all sitting around listening to experts – it was a real planning and sharing ideas with a small group of about 20 likeminded individuals.

All of whom are determined to succeed in their plans to make money online.

Meeting people we knew from our FB support group was a bonus, rather like meeting old friends as we matched virtual people to real people.

Day One- The Conversion Day

Day One kicked off with setting a target to be achieved in 12 months’ time.

A good starting point example was US$100,000 as an annual income.

We then got into further goal setting and planning, breaking down what we would need on a monthly, weekly and even daily basis to achieve our target.

When we broke it down this way it seemed much more achievable.

Then came the ‘How?’ 

To reach our target we needed a sales system or in other words a working conversion funnel and we needed to know how to do this in the way that would lead us to be the most successful.

By this we need to begin mindful action in a purposeful direction and use The Success Metric.

What is The Success Metric?

The basic concept of all marketing in any niche is an equation we call The Success Metric, quite simply it is this ….

Traffic   +   Conversions  =   Sales

Of course all sorts of targets and goals can make up part of The Success Metric but its overall purpose is to make a statement about a specific desired outcome which helps ensure you meet your business objectives.

If The Success Metric is maintained then the outcome is considered a success.

You should keep your end goal in mind and all that you do on a daily basis should contribute to it.

This is really important because statistics show that 97% of online businesses fail – they never make any money.


We have three parts to The Success Metric and all elements need to be present for success.

It seemed obvious to begin with traffic – but we didn’t start there.

If you look back at the beginning of this post you’ll see the Day One was The Conversion Day.

How do you turn prospects or leads into sales?


Actually when you really think about it – it’s logical.

People want to buy from people and specifically people want to buy from people they Know, Like and Trust.


People don’t want to be bombarded with a hard sell of a product that may or may not be suitable for them either in the street or online.

So we need to build a relationship with our prospective customers by letting them get to know us and providing something of value for free before introducing a low cost product they may find useful.


To begin this process in the workshop we first we thought about what giveaway product we could create and a low price front end offer.

A brainstorm of ideas gave us a good starting point.

The importance of establishing ‘Know, Like and Trust’ was emphasised in order to give value to people and subsequently make sales once we had gained their confidence.



Next we applied ourselves to working on the 10 day follow up email sequence our prospects would receive leading to the purchase of our newly created low cost front end offer and then on into the iPro funnel.

 We concluded this part with a sharing session of our ideas with the rest of the group which was invaluable.

A summary of what we had covered ended the day and a further goal was set – what we needed to achieve in a month – well 3 weeks actually, to take us to the end of February.


iPro Workshop

We all went out to dinner together in the evening supposedly to relax but everyone was absolutely buzzing with motivation from the day and ideas and experiences were swapped long into the night.

I can’t remember the name of the restaurant but it was an excellent choice catering for all tastes.  I decided to make it an early night after that – so I could be fresh and fully functioning for Day Two training – Traffic Strategies.


Tomorrow I’ll tell you all about Day Two – there I’ve said it now – publically – so that means it will get done. (Being reliable is vital in business)

Look in tomorrow to find out about ‘Day Two – Traffic Strategies’.

In the meantime if you want to learn more about iPro and its flagship product ‘The Big Commission Blueprint’ there’s a free video here to tell youall about it and what it can do for you.


Until tomorrow then,



Five Internet Marketing Tips

5 Internet Marketing Tips

Magic Money Buttons


Many people get into internet marketing thinking that there is one magical internet marketing tip or secret that will make them a million dollars overnight. All they need is a success push button that requires little or no work and instantly riches and a lifestyle to be dreamed of will fall into their laps… and their bank accounts. Well they can’t be blamed for thinking this as there is much hype on the internet that perpetuates this myth.

The Truth

So, what is the truth? In reality it’s only the marketers selling the instant ‘overnight success without doing any work’ dream who are the ones achieving it – by selling their magical method to the next mug who comes along… and probably all of us who desire to have an online business have been caught out at some time or other by these scams or shiny objects.  Seriously, you have as much chance of winning the lottery as getting rich instantly without putting in any effort.

guru5Yes, it is possible to make money online, even a great deal of money but it does not happen that quickly. Oh and by the way, it does actual require you to do some work.

Making Money Requires Work

Work4Making money requires work; usually a lot of it and it also requires time. So if you really want to make money what’s so bad about working hard for it? I know, I know, you may want to quote about the internet gurus, the online marketing millionaires and their seemingly instant success and indeed some of them did make a lot of money in a very short space of time; however it didn’t really happen overnight. Most of them have their story of the years they spent trying to make money online before finally finding the method that helped them succeed. In nearly all cases this involved finding the right mentor.

Work Smarter and Harder

Making money online takes hard work. This means being efficient – if you are spending time reading the endless emails that drop into your inbox on a daily basis you may feel that you’re working hard on ‘research’ but actually you’re just reading sales copy. You need to work smarter and harder to accomplish more and make money – and then get your money to work for you.

Have a Plan of Action

Just like in any other business, you must have a plan of action in order to be a successful internet marketer. There isn’t any one magical internet plan of action that you can follow. However, you might want to follow a few of the following suggestions to get you started on your quest of making money online.

Tip 1: Do Your Research

There are many ways to make money online. To name but a few, you can write articles, become an affiliate, sell on EBay, or create your own products. Find out what interests you and do it. You need to be passionate about your chosen method in order to succeed.

marketing1When you’re starting it’s a good idea to try out many options to see what love doing.  However, don’t get bogged down and try to analyse everything about internet marketing in the very beginning. This will only confuse you and you will never start making money online.

Tip 2: Don’t Believe Everything You See


A lot of the so- called internet marketing gurus are full of …..well, you know. An internet marketing tip from many of them is not worth much at all. Remember, a lot of the ‘make money online’ websites are geared towards newbies who are unfamiliar with the internet and how it works. In addition some of these so called gurus probably aren’t making much money themselves.

However, there are also many credible and highly successful internet marketers. It is your job to find the ones that are reliable. Carefully pick the gurus that you choose as role models and mentors. Google them – what do their students and clients say about them?



Tip 3: Don’t Become Overwhelmed or Sidetracked


The internet has a lot of information for one person to digest. Web pages have links that can lead to other places of interest. Before you know it, you can drift off topic and land on web pages that are not related to your original searches for information. The next thing you know hours have passed and you have achieved nothing. Don’t get sidetracked. Don’t let all of this new information overwhelm you. Learn how to focus. Remember have a plan of action and stick to it.

Tip 4: Perfect It and Stick With It

Learn as much as you can on about internet marketing, but don’t try to do everything that you learn at one time. This is an internet marketing tip that you should take to heart. There are many different ways of doing things on the internet. Different gurus have different ways of doing many different things.

If you want to follow the system of one particular mentor, then follow that system to the letter. Don’t practice those steps and then two weeks later jump to another guru’s system. Figure out how to make that particular system work for you before you go to another one. Remember every successful internet marketer also has had or still has a mentor and you can learn different things from the ones you choose to follow.

Tip 5: Don’t Give Up



You are not going to find the perfect internet marketing tip. Don’t jump from one internet marketing system to another just because you did not make sales in a short period of time. You must be willing to put in the hard work that is required to make your internet marketing campaign successful. Persistence pays when it comes to internet marketing.


Internet marketing requires persistence, hard work and patience. You won’t become rich in the very beginning, but you have the potential to do so in the very near future. Finding an internet marketing tip or two and finding the right mentor for you can help you to find online success.

Motivation and Procrastination

After all the rain and thunderstorms we’ve been having recently it’s a beautiful sunny day in Hong Kong. It’s hot, hot, hot! 33 degrees C (or mid 90’s F for my North American friends). Let’s hope it stays fine for tomorrow’s Dragon Boat Day or Tuen Ng Festival.

from nthpoint

I haven’t posted for over a week. I’ve been quite a bit down to be honest. Last Friday was my son’s birthday – he would have been 45. If you’ve read my ‘Meet Alayna’you will know that my son suddenly left this world 15 months ago, on the final journey we will all take one day.

‘Anniversaries’ are hard and I had a couple of days this last week when I didn’t even get out of bed. Last night was crux of the situation; I gave myself a strict talking to, reminded myself of my ‘why’ and decided I cannot wallow in depression and self-pity, that is unhelpful, totally unproductive, and it not going to change my situation one iota.

Therefore I decided this post needs to be about analyzing the current situation, motivation and picking yourself up after setbacks. It is therapy for me as I work through my own feelings and I hope it will help you if you’re also going through any low times, or at the very least I hope it will amuse you.

frustration1Frustrations and Indecisions

In a recent post I wrote the analogy that I was a tortoise rather than a hare. I’m a plodder who takes time to sort things through, but overall I see myself as persistent in pursuing my goals. However ……….

  • Sometimes I get frustrated and feel that I’m a tortoise with a snail friend for a business.
  • Sometimes life just gets in the way with what I want to achieve online and the content of my blog posts.
  • Sometimes I can’t decide if I should be watching more training videos, or blog hopping
  • Sometimes I get distracted and spend far too much time of Facebook reading about the interesting things others are doing.
  • Sometimes I feel like I’m taking one step forwards and two back
  • Sometimes I’m afraid to even check my bank balance
  • Sometimes I feel my list isn’t growing fast enough
  • Sometimes I need to go out and do a job I don’t really want to do because I need the rent money
  • Sometimes I get ‘stuck’ and overwhelmed
  • Sometimes I compare myself to others and feel depressed that I’m not doing so well

I may have done the QSC Turbo 2 but my business is definitely not turbo charged at present – it’s creeping along at a snail’s pace. I suffer from ‘there-is-so-much-I-need-to-learn-and-so much-I-need-to-do-and-the-days-aren’t-endless-and-neither-is-my-bank-balance’ syndrome.

In fact, on the bright side it is creeping forwards and that is a positive situation. Even if it feels like it plateaus at times.



Plateaus & Procrastination

Sometimes I get stuck and have a brain freeze. I don’t know what I’m going to write a post about, because I’m just learning and I don’t know if what I have to say is valuable to others.

Sometimes I am afraid and can’t go forward, but I’m far more afraid of going back.

Sometimes I completely blob out. I have been known to resort to watching movie after movie and eating chocolate or ice-cream as a form of avoidance.

Solutions For You & Me

Review your progress –

Write down or celebrate even the tiny steps you’ve accomplished towards creating your online business and making it a reality.

Feeling overwhelmed?

Have a brain dump and write down EVERYTHING in your head- it doesn’t need to be organised just write it down. Spend about an hour on this. Get it all out there and clear space in your head. You don’t have to do anything with it – unless you choose to do so. You are just creating a fresh clear headspace from inner turmoil and chaos.

Getting negative feedback?

While I’m on about clearing space in your head – are you getting negative reactions from others about wasting your time or money on trying to make money online? Firstly, if the person is not your partner (which is an entirely different matter that I won’t go into) – why does it bother them what you do with your time or money? Don’t let negative and toxic people rent space in your head – raise the rent and kick them out!

Feeling stuck on something?

Reach out to your online Facebook group or Forum and ask others for advice

Take a break
  • Get off the computer and go play outside!
  • Go for a walk, run or go to the gym
  • Phone a friend or meet up for coffee or a drink
  • Spend time on an activity of hobby unrelated to the internet
take a break 2

Get yourself an ‘accountability’ partner. This can be anyone. They don’t have to have an internet business and they don’t even have to be in the same country. It’s just someone that you check in with regularly by phone, Skype or email,  to talk about what you’ve achieved and what your next step is. And LIMIT the time for this, people are busy, just make it say 10 minutes once a week.

Alternatively there’s also’public accountability’ where you announce to the world on Facebook or Twitter what you’re going to achieve this week or this month. It’s harder to  back down and not make an effort if you’ve put yourself out there. It doesn’t matter if you don’t fully manage everything – as long as you are TAKING ACTION and making progress.

Now having said all that I have to take heed of my own advice and go and Skype my accountability partner. :-) 

Steps forward

  • I’ve worked on my website/blog/online business (nearly) every day
  • I’ve thought about my website every day
  • I’ve made a LARGE chart of ‘Why Do I Want An Internet Business?’ set goals with time frames and listed how this will be achieved. I’ve put it on my wall where I see it last thing before sleeping and first thing when I wake up
  • I’ve watched tutorials and made notes
  • I’ve attended a number of training webinars on different aspects of an internet business
  • I’ve learned some new internet language
  • I’ve blog hopped and put comments on forums
  • I’ve bought my first solo ad



Personal Analytics

  • Own list of subscribers – 12 and 2 pending
  • Opt-ins  (iPro ) – 47
  • Conversions- 1
  • Useful stuff bought – Optilinks, VideoFX
  • Money saved (from not buying and Shiny objects)  – probably $500
  • Money saved from unsubscribing – $136/month
  • Money made – $17.95
  • Mild Frustrations and Panic Attacks – at least one daily and on bad hair days about 10

Have a good week and remember-







My Very First Sale

My Very First Sale Ever!

I can hardly believe it!

I’ve just had my very first sale on the internet!

I made this short video to share my success with you and tell you how I did it.

You know, I keep going back to check my ledger in iPro – just to made sure it’s still there and that I haven’t been dreaming! :-)

The Power of Solo Ads

I Purchase A Solo Ad

In the last few weeks I’ve learned about solo ads and how they can be a powerful marketing tool targeting your specific niche if used wisely. 


For those of you who are wondering what a solo ad is – well 2 weeks ago I didn’t know either. Basically a solo ad is a form of paid traffic and it’s when you pay a provider to send out an email advertisement, freebie offer or sales page on your behalf to a specific number of people. You pay for the number of people or ‘clicks’ it gets sent to.

I’ve never purchased a solo ad before and looking through all the Solo Ads Pages of various providers and testimonials just made my head spin. 
Who to choose?

A Business Transaction

Booking or purchasing a solo ad is a business transaction and you need to treat is as such.
In order to get a return on your investment there are all sorts of things to consider when choosing a solo ad provider.
You need to ask questions and check facts.  
  • Contact the solo ad provider and introduce yourself – if you get no response then move on. You need to make sure the vendor is not a scammer or ‘fly by nighter’.
  • What countries does the list cover? Tier 1 countries such as USA, Canada, UK, and Australia, are usually more expensive but you are more likely to get a good response from Tier 1 countries.
  • How did the vendor built up their list?
  • Is your product suitable for their list? For example is your product is in the health market you don’t want it sent to people who have shown an interest in relationships
  • Do you or could you provide your own headline and swipe copy? Some vendors will only use their own copy
  • Send them the link to your product and ask if they have mailed out the same offer previously and if so, when.
  • When could your clicks be sent?
  • Is there any ‘first time’ discount?
  • Are all clicks tracked and confirmed? Do you get a ‘tracking report’?
  • And finally, stick to your budget. When you’ve been working really hard to get traffic to your website and suddenly see a surge in opt-ins it would be easy to get carried away  and order a lot more – but you need to make sure you are covering your expenses and making a profit. In other words what percentage of all these clicks are eventually converting to sales.

My Choice

I looked at several solo ad vendors and narrowed down the list of those I thought I’d like to work with. One was so booked up she had no free slots in the foreseeable future. Another didn’t reply to my first enquiry.  I decided to purchase for my first try from someone I already knew of, who sold clicks. We corresponded by email and when I decided what I wanted, we made the transaction.

That was a couple of days ago and right now I’m waiting for the event to begin. I guess it’s a bit like the first day in a new job, nervous anticipation and excitement. My first solo ad is underway and I’m expecting to see some results over the next few days.

I’ll let you know.

waitng 2

Unique Internet Marketing Event

Exciting News!           Jubilant Businesswoman

Tickets are on sale for Dean Holland’s ‘Automated Income Seminar’

You too can join millionaire Internet Marketing expert Dean Holland and learn the secrets of how he makes money online.


“In just 48 hours, you’ll discover the most valuable, automated money-making systems, tools and strategies that will transform your internet business forever”

 This amazing 2 day event on is on June 28-29, 2014 in Manchester, England, UK.

Special early bird ticket price of only $97 click here (only a few left)

Ticket Price will rise to $497 (Only 100 seats in total)


Who is Dean Holland?

Dean Holland is the man behind the iPro Partnership Programme, and the Quick Start Challenge. The programmes I have written about on this blog.

Dean is a highly successful internet marketer -but it wasn’t always so – in his first 4 years of learning how to break into the world of internet marketing Dean made nothing, zero, zilch and in fact got into enormous debt in pursuit of his dreams.

All changed when he attended a live event and met a marketer who became his mentor. What followed was that Dean rapidly began succeeding in his internet marketing endeavours. He is now an extremely successful internet entrepreneur and you have the opportunity to meet him in person and find out how he did it.

Knowing Dean’s style you will need to arm yourself with notepads, pens or an ipad and be prepared to work intensely for these 2 days alongside Dean. Don’t expect it to be a 2 days sales pitch – because it won’t be.

To go or not to go – that is the question

I was really torn over this one and unfortunately had to make the logical decision not to go. My work is freelance and the nature of it is that I am busy when many others are not – evenings, weekends and peak holiday times. My plan is to be in UK later in the year and I just can’t do to trips.

I really wish I was going as with being involved in other coaching from Dean I know you will get immense value from this.

This is only the second time Dean Holland has run such a seminar and if you check out the video you’ll see what some of those who attended the first seminar in 2011 had to say about it.

However, you need to decide quickly if you are wavering about whether to go or not, as limited tickets are available for this rare event.

Click here to find out more.

What will you learn?

Dean’s Ultimate Internet Business Model Consisting of 6 Components with mysterious names such as…..
  • The‘2 Phase Lead Box’
  • The ‘Value Trip’
  • The ‘Irresistible Stack’
  • The ‘Automated Cash Machine’
  • The ‘Wishing Well’
  • ? and a sixth secret component to be revealed at the live event
PLUS much more to put you on the road to earning an excellent income from internet marketing


Click here to find out more.
Date: June 28th & 29th 2014
Venue: Manchester Conference Centre Manchester, M1 3BB, UK


Here’s the link again for information and tickets




Is Your Website Secure?

Secure Your Blog


I mentioned that I re-activated Wordfence a couple of days ago. Even though someone else experienced a problem with this plugin, after I’d backed up the other day I decided I needed a bit more security.

I can report that it’s definitely working! I received an alert today that someone had been locked out from signing in. It gave me the IP address of the unknown person. Does anyone know what you can / need to do with that (if anything)?

In an odd sort of way I’m kind of flattered – that my little newbie blog has drawn enough attention that someone wants to hack into it!   Although I know the attempt was probably automated and not personal , it also made me decide I need to ajust the settings to be even more secure. So if you’ve been ‘sitting on the fence’ about making your site secure, perhaps this might help as a bit of reminder to get it sorted.

The other thing is your should really make your user name for WordPress obscure and not obvious  – make it quite long and use a mixture of letters, numbers and symbols. The person who tried to hack into my WordPress tried the rather obvious ‘Alayna’ as the user name.



Earn While You Learn


Earn While You Learn

A Decision

If you’ve read some of my blog you’ll know that I recently participated in and completed the Quick Start Challenge Turbo 2.0. Before the end of the programme I had made up my mind to try to continue with coaching from Dean Holland.

My reasons were simple- over the 4 weeks of the QSC I had learned so much and pushed myself way out of my comfort zone achieving those things I had never believed I would be able to do, through fear or lack of knowledge.

Well, fear can be overcome and everything is figure-out-able.

iPro Partner and Coaching Programme

I knew, as a newcomer to the online world of business, to be able to continue in this I would need the type of professional coaching /mentoring that Dean’s iPro Partner and Coaching Programme could provide.  I was also comfortable with Dean’s very practical, friendly and engaging teaching style, so it was an easy choice for me.

I believe if you want success you need to follow someone who is successful….and Dean is very successful. You can click here to see for yourself. 

I Get Lucky!

The gods were smiling on me when I made my decision and I was fortunate enough to win one of the amazing prizes of the QSC – 3 months coaching in Dean’s iPro programme. ME! Yes me!

I have hardly won anything in my life! Unless you count the raffle at the school fair when I was in Grade 8, the occasional $2 or $3 on those instant scratchy cards, or my once a year bet $5 each way on the Grand National or Melbourne cup.


Oddly enough the previous week, while waiting for the Week 2 winner to be announced during the webinar, I had written in my journal ‘the winner is ME!’

It was part of my new philosophy I was working on – to

‘get results in your head first that make you feel certain it has already happened’

The universe is indeed an abundant place if you are prepared to reach out for it with both hands – the winner is the one that finishes strong leading with their head; hands and outstretched to the finish line.

About iPro

Now I am a fledgling member of the iPro programme.

Much of what we have been learning is a continuation of the glimpse we had in the QSC – with lots more bells and whistles. Weekly webinars with the established members of the programme and some extra start up coaching for us new people; a supportive and encouraging Facebook community group of like –minded people;  marketing tools, a professional sales team to follow up your leads, a generous commission and also the freedom to choose which methods suit us best.

Don’t just take my word for it – you can check out all the details for yourself here

I’m learning a lot in the iPro programme, my learning curve is even steeper than it was during the QSC and I’m learning about things I didn’t even have the vocabulary for before!

I just wanted to share some of my experience with you and let you know it works; many new members have had sales within days of joining.

Success Is Yours – Reach For The Stars *


Legal Pages and Menus

It’s a gloomy day today in Hong Kong, it’s overcast, dull  and grey. At least it’s stopped raining. It’s been raining every day for the last week with squally thunderstorms all in 100% humidity which is not much fun. However there’s yacht race on the harbour and I have been watching that out my window while I wait for inspiration for this post.  I actually have plenty to share, just wondering what order to put it in.

Adding Legal Pages

Again I’ve learned a lot this week. and working in reverse order, today I dealt with getting the legal pages on my blog which you can now access from the navigation bar and learning how to make menus – haven’t quite got that sorted, but I have the basic idea and at least my navigation bar looks more logical now. I used a plugin called ‘Instapages’ to add the legal pages; it was one of those shiny objects I bought a while ago because I was sure it would be useful sometime. It auto-added the pages as soon as I clicked ‘activate plugin’. There was a couple of hiccups though. It was supposed to add the pages in the footer and there they were all spread out along the navigation bar  like birds sitting on a fence – not a good look at all!

Then I also realised that the Anti-Spam Policy was still reclining in my ‘pages’ as a draft and hadn’t been published along with the Amazon Affiliate Disclaimer one (which I don’t need on this site right now but may add later). I was about to go to the support page when I saw that two people had previously had the exact same issues and the nice people at WP Support had made a video about it. I opened a new window and followed along with the video to fix the problems. I felt quite proud of myself when I’d accomplished it. A baby step I know, but for someone who learns this stuff slowly it was a real acheivement :-) I didn’t get them in the footer afterall, because my theme only support one menu and not a footer (unless I’d put them in a widget in my footer which is actually called the main sidebar in my theme.)

Navigation Bar and Menus

I’d been wondering how to get the things I wanted to appear in the navigation bar to actually appear and the WP support video actually led the way here. I hadn’t tackled the menus because I didn’t know what function they played and didn’t know what to put in a menu. It didn’t occur to me that was where you got the navigation bar sorted.  I’m starting to realise that there are quite a few different terms for the same thing, and while those more used to finding their way around WordPress have probably forgotten what it was like when they started,  these little things can easily trip up someone new to working on their blog. We often know what we want to do but don’t know how to get there.

I went to Appearance, Menus, then Pages to see all the different pages I could choose for the menu. I made a ‘pull down’ menu by just moving the items I wanted to be sub-items  e.g. the different legal pages, slightly to the right underneath the main item.  This solved my problem of not having a proper footer space, as I didn’t have that option under my location tab and it also gave the navigation bar a clearer appearance.  For the menu setting I just clicked on navigation bar – and remembered to save. I should have said prior to doing this I needed to create a new page which just listed my different legal pages and made a link to them. (This then formed the main page/item to list the sub-items under). I then made another new page for ‘Your First Website’ and repeated what I’d just done to create another drop down menu for this with my Starting Out: Parts 1 & 2 and Internet Lingo. I’m not a fan of acronyms and there’s an awful lot of them in the online world.

More Plugins

I also reactivated Wordfence for security and added another fun little plugin called Covert Messenger which you’ll get to see later.

I was going to start writing about joining iPro here but I think that deserves a post of its own.  Well, I’m off to make a coffee now and stretch my legs after sitting at the computer for about 5 hours.

I told you I was slow…….. Just think of the story ‘The Hare and the Tortoise.’

imgres hare-and-tortoise-marketing-chart-social-media